Legacy of being brought up a JW: Weird hang-ups

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  • eva luna
    eva luna

    I find it interesting what stays with us.

    My closet friend got DFed , moved in with her soon to be husband (as her B mom kicked her out).

    Sneaking off to go hang with her , I saw her smoking and that really bothered me. I cried. Crazy!

    Next time I visited, we did E together and walked along the beach. Talking to the stars. One of my best memories. (we were young)

    I love reading Vampire stories, The Walking Dead is a fav. Frankinsten, Sageing. BUt, I will never watch The Exorcist. Or that garbage they pass off on The History Channel about haunted crap. No Demo sh.t for me. Or lights are on for weeks.

    Introverts just dont do to well with talks and such. But they do well with other types of people interaction. ( Thank You Darth Fader for that great topic, this helped)

    If I see a Mag , I spit on 'em. But I have new Grey Bible, ( not the one made in China, but the US one) still wraped up.

    I dont like labels, esp. from shrinks. But looking into complex PTSD helped.

    Sometimes we can be a little confused. It just takes time.

    take care

  • Finkelstein

    There is bound to be hang ups for people who were brought JWS, such as myself.

    Churches, demon images, other religious people, Christian or other wise.

    These hang ups eventually went away upon realizing what was the intent and reason for churches.

    temples etc. I have always been a secular humanist in my adult life.

    I also worked in a few over the years, which added to my gradual lack of over all anxiety.

    Christmas is an annoyance in itself due its elongated pretentious commercial hype.

    Halloween is another annoyance based from its celebrating a pagan tradition and the ideology to scare

    young impressionable children and feed them unhealthy candy.

    Birthdays are OK in my book, I have no problem there.

  • villagegirl

    Different people obviously have different levels of contamination.

    Some were converts, who immersed themselves in the WT beliefs.

    Some were children trying to survive as they were isolated, and depending

    on the treatment they received as children came away with scars or wounds

    or were able to cocoon themselves and survive. The WT does isolate you.

    Connecting to people is a learned skill and we who were locked in at a young

    age were not "socialized" like frightend animals who were isolated or abused.

    Seeing a fear is half way there to working on it and overcoming it.

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