JW.org Propaganda video " The Best Life Ever" PUKE WARNING

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  • sir82

    I saw that.

    The whole time I'm thinking, "Yeah, if my parents were multi-millionaires and could support me going off on a 'missionary' jaunt to Africa, I'd have a pretty good life too".

  • TTATTelder

    That's a straight up commercial.

    It is fun to go abroad and see other cultures, and I have personally seen how some cultures are very curious about the bible which makes field service a very different experience for these jdubs. (of course they would stop and listen to any westerner approaching them most likely and certainly to any bible message)

    Kind of embarrassing though to have to return to the local village and explain how what you told them last month is completely bogus now. It seems that "new light' has come out on the other side of the world. lol

    Oh if it were only as simple as a 3 min video with musical backtracks...


    Commercial!!! Commercialized religion alert!!!


  • mauiboy

    hahaha....A JW talking about stepping 'out-of-the-box'.

  • BU2B

    That was creepy. What made it even creepier is that Cameron is preaching the cult in the very streets where JWs were raped, tortured in every way imaginble, and murdered at the GBs bidding.

  • WingCommander

    I swear, are these videos for real? Guess what, churches in "Christendom" don't make their missionaries pay their own way, but actually have congregations and fund raising events in order to raise money to keep missionaries and sister congregations in foreign lands afloat. I found this out while attending (2) separate Advent Lutheran churches a while back. I was FLOORED. JW's Leadership: Pay your own way, suckers! Go forth, be warm, and well fed!

    Things I noted from this video:
    1.) This woman is going "door to door" in the Brownstone sections of NYC, like Brooklyn, etc. She's not from Harlem, so I'm going to guess mommy or daddy is helping her out, and hence she is able to "Save money."
    2.) She speaks of going to Malawi (Oh, the irony is so thick here!!) and that everyone she stops on the street (errr, dirt road) is eager to talk to her about the Bible, and shows so much respect. Uh....NO, you dumbazz! You are an uppity, well-dressed, foreign white woman with money, so of course they are going to pay you mind and "respect" DERP!!
    3.) "Uhh....this one time.....uhh...in Malawi....I showed up at some plantation, and the servant showed me to his 'Masta. That 'Masta was so impressed with my white rich self that he brought forth all of the servants to hear my white self speak. The servants were grateful for the work break, and that I wasn't there to purchase them."
    4.) OMG, this poor, poor, waddling missionary had to waddle her behind out off of a nice comfy bus with a chicken and 4 other people on a seat, then walk 2 whole miles home at the end of her 12 hour day. I wonder, was Andre awaiting her arrival back home? to rub her poor, poor, white feet? Boo-hoo!
    5.) Cut from dirty, stinking, impoverished Malawi, and back to nice green, comfy, water-fall filled Warwick, NY. Talk about how this experience made you rely more on Jehovah. God knows you'd have to, cause the Governing Body isn't going to front one cent to support your behind while you are away. Nope! Suck it up, Sister BrownNoser.
    6.) Picnics? Wasn't that outright forbidden since about early 1980's? I'm jealous.
    7.) Soccer? In capris? Now you're just being brazen. See Elder Stalksyounggirls for some loving "adjustments". Also, soccer is not meant to be touched with your hands unless you are a ref or a goalie. This is what happens when you are never allowed to watch or participate in sports growing up; you grow up to be a moron.

    This woman should try being a missionary in Jamaica, or how about Cameroon? She'd be singing a different tune then!!! I wonder though, if being a missionary is "the Best Life Ever", then why is she not still there doing it, instead of frolicking about back in upstate New York? I'm guessing by her appearance that Malawi cuisine didn't quite meet her overly plump pioneer appetite.

    This sanitized, absolutely contrived BS is nothing more than public relations dope. It reeks of Scientology and Mormonism. Playing catch-up once again, aye WatchTower? Your celestial chariot sure is moving at a snails pace it seems?

    I can't see any youth actually buying into this crap. If they do, they are in for a rude awakening, and certainly not "the best life ever."

    - Wing Commander

  • BU2B

    They brought up this video at the SAD. They told the youths, "like Cameron on JW.org, you can have the best life ever as well" I didnt know what they were talking about till now.

  • EndofMysteries

    What's up with that video? It looked like there was a forbidden congregation picnic going on, 'competitive sports', and if they had time to go canoing, hiking, and playing sports, shouldn't they instead have been out in field service????

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry


    . . . it reminded me of the similarities between the Mormon church and JWs, also sending their youngsters also on foreign assignments.

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