2 J dubs at my door this morning .

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  • AudeSapere

    smiddy wrote: Probably neither of us will do either. LOL

    LOL! This made me laugh~! Nice work with the visiting JWs. Maybe something you said will trigger a thought. Maybe not. But you never know.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • smiddy

    Thanks for your replys guys. .. One thing that has stayed with me reflecting on their visit is the fact he didnt have a bible , he had an i-pad that he was looking up , fiddling with , that I showed no interest in.

    I`m going to start another thread about this.


  • Make Lemonade
    Make Lemonade

    Smiddy: I will be watching for your new thread.

  • redvip2000

    Good stuff. It's been my experience that JWs don't know anything about the organization aside from the basic teachings and what is on the latest Watchtower magazines. It's quite remarkable the lack of knowledge they have about themselves. It is this ignorance that keeps the blissful thought bubble going. I just don't understand how any JW wouldn't at least look up information about a weird topic raised during field serve-us. I'm pretty sure that if i was stll an active witness and someone mentioned something about a UN scandal, i would look it up as soon as i got home - even if i pretended not to believe it in front of the home owner.

  • Balsam

    It's hard for JW's to react in such a frontal attack in any kind of thinking way. I know my ex-jw husband got that a few times, he was so angry and none of the information even had an impact. The discussions that JW's come away from thinking it over are much more subtile and not in their face in my opinion. That is what worked with me, a very kind lady only discretely pointed out doctrinal matter that needed consideration. She never attempted to show how I was wrong directly. She would present a question, and urged me to figure out the answer. I know it had to feel good to rake them over the very hot coals of truth though, I have done that a time or two till I changed my tactics.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    When I had two female Witnesses at the door they could not understand why anyone would be upset that the WT quoted a Nuremberg convicted and executive Nazi theologian. It was the theology that had him executed. These are not normal people.

  • JunkYardDog

    NICE WORK SMIDDY. I ran into 4 jws standing on a corner just staring at a house. I drove around the street and they were still just standing there looking into space. i got out of the car and said hello is that tyhe new bible your holding. they looking all weird that someone stopped to talk to them i asked the man with the bible to open up to john 6. thats all i said and they started to walk away. at that point I told them they are a bunch of Phony time counters who don't really waNT TO TALK TO ANYBODY. i told them they are all going to REJECT jesus christ at the memorial and Jehovah hates a liar counting time and refuse to read a bible verse to anybody. these 4 jw's truely looked like they were just let out of the insane hospital. what abunch of zombies

  • kurtbethel

    They're recruiting talent from lower and lower in the gene pool each year.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I don't recall any tests on doctrine. My KH brothers could not read directly from the WT without making a multitude of mistakes. All they cared about was FS hours. My parents remarked in the 1950s and 1960s that the message from the KH was different from the message from Bethel. My father was a coal miner before Bethel. He could read, though. There is JW lite. Move out of the ghetto to the nearest suburban KH and people knew doctrine much more.

    Of course, I've read countless books and taken seminary courses. I believe that the most important of being a Christian is one's basic character.

    I could not find an email address for Brooklyn so I made a local phone call to the KH. Weeks later, two Witness women showed up. Altho the study was still recent, they saw nothing wrong with spousal abuse or quoting Nuremberg executed Nazi theologians. I was stunned. They saw some religious art in my home. I pointed out my five Bibles and commentaries. They ran from them. Boo! I screamed after them that my demons would get them.

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