First indisputable link between aluminum and alzheimer's

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  • sammielee24

    Is aluminium really a silent killer?

    Fresh concerns following the 1988 Camelford water pollution disaster will be aired this week.

    Fears: Aluminium expert Prof Chris Exley says he is concerned about the metal's ubiquity - in water, food packaging, vaccines, drugs and food and drink - Is aluminium really a silent killer?
Fears: Aluminium expert Prof Chris Exley says he is concerned about the metal's ubiquity - in water, food packaging, vaccines, drugs and food and drink Photo: Guzelian

    By Liz Bestic

    7:30AM GMT 05 Mar 2012

    Twenty-four years ago, one of the UK’s most notorious pollution disasters occurred. At a water treatment works on the edge of Bodmin Moor, 20 tonnes of aluminium sulphate leaked into the water supply serving the nearby town of Camelford.

    Years of bitter disputes followed, with people who had drunk the water complaining of health problems. There were government inquiries, accusations of a cover-up – and, in 2004, the death of Carole Cross. This 58-year-old Camelford resident died from a rare and aggressive form of Alzheimer’s, and her brain was found to contain unusually high levels of aluminium.

    The inquest into the cause of Mrs Cross’s death, delayed twice in the past few years, is set to report this week. Among those who will be watching the outcome with interest is Professor Chris Exley, who was called in nearly eight years ago to examine Mrs Cross’s brain (it contained 23 micrograms of aluminium per gram of brain, compared to normal levels of 0‑2mcg).

    But Prof Exley, a world-renowned expert on aluminium, hopes the inquest will do more than finally establish the truth about why Mrs Cross died (he is convinced that aluminium from the drinking water played a role in her mental deterioration). He also hopes it will highlight how little we know about the implications for our health of the most prolific metal on the planet.

    Aluminium, he argues, is now added to or used in almost everything we eat, drink, inject or absorb. At high levels, it is an established neurotoxin – yet no one knows whether the levels we are ingesting are safe.

  • Viviane

    Since there is no epidemic of aluminium poisoning going on, I would say the question answers itself.

  • Violia

    I have been watching Dr. Oz on TV for some time. I don't always agree with him but he has said that most of the minerals they put in vitamins are not necessary and may be dangerous. This includes iron, copper , zinc, selenium and several others. Most people don't need supplements for these. I have long known I was allergic to nickel and found it is occ put in vit/mineral preparations.

    This is not the best link due to ads etc but it was a quick find.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Just don't cook your rhubarb in an aluminium pan!


  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Or cover your lasagna with aluminum foil. Or any acidic food. You will get holes in the foil.

    No worries. Go ahead, trust your goverment.

    I read this warning in the late 70's, and not from JW lit.

    I was/am a Hippy . so no matter and no aluminum.

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