"Be Kind to the Fornicators in the Congregation!" -- New August Watchtower

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  • TTATTelder

    It's crap they can spin in court. Just like the website FAQ's.

    Pure PR. No substance. ........Almost deceitful when you think about it.


  • Island Man
    Island Man
    I think you're reading way too much into the article.
  • richgirl
    Maybe the GB don't want members to report fellow witnesses to elders because they would be tied up with JC meetings every night of the week. How discouragaing that would be. Congregation numbers would drop....and that wouldn't look good. Has everyone seen the movie "The Prodigal Returns"? The worst "associate" in that was Al, an active JW in the congregation. What made me laugh was in the movie the "goody-good JW" brother of the main character described the corporate world as a "shark infested ocean" he wouldn't want to swim in. My thought was that the movie really depicted the congregation as a shark infested ocean.......and the motto....get out of it. Well, probably going overboard here!
  • Finkelstein

    Yes JWs are so soft kinded, particularly to fornicators, adulterators and especially pedophiles.

    Its a loving organization that truly represents the love of Jehovah God.

    So come all you sinners and feel the grace of the true loving god before he whacks just about all

    of humanity once again.
  • steve2

    Do fornicators have their misdeeds tattooed on their foreheads or emblazoned on their tee-shirts?

    How on earth do JWs know they are in the same room as fornicators?

    This level of knoweldge of what others do in the privacy of their own dwellings never fails to intrigue me.

  • millie210

    Was it Norway that was reviewing the elders manual for human rights violations?

    This all sounds to me like they are watching "how" the say things without changing their stance on anything.

  • Fisherman

    Its just different wording

    Yes, but there is a highlighted emphasis: "..want to be kind.." I think that means that although the DF person is no longer treated as a fellow, ( he is no longer a member, or part of the JW community ) he is still to be treated as a human being, showing such person kindness (a form of love) because the purpose of DF is to bring the DF person back to community, getting the person to change, and not to punish the person with looks of contempt and treating the person despicably. Kindness also kind off balances the discipline so that persons who want to make some effort to change do not feel hated or despised, making return more difficult. So a smile or some kind gesture perhaps can show a df person that the congregation understand that everyone is a sinner, and has either fallen in the past, or also knows that they can fall in the future. But the goal that everyone has, is that they want the DF person back, and looking and dealing with a df person contemptuously does not help the df person return. And for persons that do not want to be JW anymore and do not want to change, still, no one knows their hearts and minds for sure at the present or at some future time, still, all humans should be treated as humans, especially with kindness.-Even if a person was to think that the conduct or actions of someone shows that they should not merit to be treated with kindness, such thinking would be wrong, every human should be treated with kindness.

    Not only are there consequences from God when a person sins or breaks the rules, but breaking rules have consequences on self or others are too ( how could one allow himself to benefit somehow from harming someone else?), and the consequence for breaking JW rules is possible DF, that is what happens if you are a JW and break the rules every JW must follow.

  • Finkelstein

    The point to realize is the most fornicators and adulteraters aren't known until they are DFed. or DAed.

    There is always the people who are known to to fooling around sexuality but they are inevitably aren't openly pointed out by friends, because they might have skeletons in their own closet they don't want to be disclosed.

    The GB men or elders are not trained on human sociological behavior, thats not to say that not hanging around with people whose behavior is self destructive is not good advise.

  • baltar447
    People are reading into this. ANY perceived "kindness" is strictly for those potential converts.
  • Fisherman

    The point to realize is the most fornicators and adulteraters aren't known until they are DFed. or DAed.

    God knows, that is the point.

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