"Be Kind to the Fornicators in the Congregation!" -- New August Watchtower

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  • FusionTheism

    Have you noticed the article entitled "Watch Your Associations In These Last Days" in the new August 2015 Study Watchtower?

    Unless I'm reading it wrong, or somehow misinterpreting it, it is saying that we should be kind to intentional breakers of God's Laws inside and outside the Congregation, including fornicators, but that we must not be close associates with them.

    Are they already preparing for a shift in their Disfellowshipping practices?

    Here are the relevant paragraphs:

    5 To avoid spoiling our useful habits, we must not have as close associates those who practice bad things. This applies not only to associating with unbelieving wrongdoers but also to associating with those who claim to worship Jehovah but who deliberately violate his laws. If such professing Christians engage in serious wrongdoing and do not repent, we do not continue to associate with them.—Rom. 16:17, 18.

    6 If we were to associate with those who do not obey God’s laws, we might have the tendency to do what they do in order to be accepted by them. For example, if we were to have close association with sexually immoral people, we might be tempted to practice immorality. That has happened to some dedicated Christians, and some of them were disfellowshipped because they were not repentant. (1 Cor. 5:11-13) Unless they repent, their condition can become like that described by Peter.—Read 2 Peter 2:20-22.

    7 Although we want to be kind even to those who do not follow God’s laws, we should not become their intimate associates or close friends.
  • maninthemiddle

    I don't think this is new.

    i recall hearing it said that our only friends are inside the congregation, those outside are acquaintances. basically don't be rude to worldly people since they need to preach to them, but at the same time, don't be their friends.

  • konceptual99
    Got to agree with maninthemiddle.
  • OneEyedJoe
    This is probably more in the line of marking and I doubt it will have any impact on DFing. This will probably be taken to reinforce the informal shunning of people that aren't showing up at meetings and such. DFing is such a central part of the cult's information control that I don't see it ever going away.
    It would be more difficult to maintain control if they become more lenient with associating with DF people. So I don't see a big change coming if at all. It would be a welcome one though if it did change.
  • _Morpheus
    Your not reading it in watchtower speak.. It says: dont associate with them (shun them) but dont kill them...yet
  • freemindfade
    I think they are just tossing some things in print they don't really mean, but that in court or public opinion can look nice. Nothing is changing
  • OneFingerSalute

    @_Morpheus is 100% correct. You must not read the words they print, but rather the ideas behind the words. I have underlined the "key" words that show the idea behind the printed words.

    we must not have as close associates those who practice bad things.

    This applies also to associating with those who claim to worship Jehovah but who deliberately violate his (the governing bodies) laws

    Although we want to be kind we should not (must not) become their friends.

    Nothing is changing, unless it is to be even more judgmental, harsh, demanding, and spiteful. Remember the governing body's mantra is not ever about lessening anything, but always MORE, MORE, MORE.

  • freemindfade
    I said it before even if they were forced by the law to come out and say don't shun, it would be wink wink, the shunning will always continue. Regardless of what they put in print.
  • Finkelstein

    Its just different wording , this has been rehashed over and over again.

    Keep a distance from the evil doers for you may be influenced to behave in their destructive ways.

    another wording.

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