If They Stopped Shunning Tomorrow?

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  • Finkelstein

    The dissolving of millions of families and broken up relationships is just one of the culpable effects of this religious cult.

    But isn't that part of the reason we come here to tell about that so the public knows ?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Poztate: Yes I remember that "associate with family members as long as you had no

    religious interchange". A sister in the congregation who was married to a

    unbelieving mate, her daughter and family moved into the area. Her daughter

    was DF, so the sister husband came to me a ask what's the deal. My wife

    will not speak to our daughter, she is acting very cold. The daughter was married

    and two kids. The sister came to me and ask, what should I do? We are told

    to shun DF ones, I'm not sure what to do. I was in my 30's and the sister was

    in her 50's. I told her talk to your daughter. This was in the mid 80's..

  • richgirl
    I was just reading this in the August 2015 study edition, regarding "association": (Par 5 "Watch Your Association in These Last Days") "To avoid spoiling our useful habits, we must not have as close associates those who practice bad things. This applies not only to associating with unbelieving wrongdoers but also to associating with those who claim to worship Jehovah but who deliberately violate his laws. If such professing Christians engage in serious wrongdoing and do not repent, we do not continue to associate with them.—Rom. 16:17, 18." Then par 7 reads in part: " Although we want to be kind even to those who do not follow God’s laws, we should not become their intimate associates or close friends. " You have to ask why is it that the one who "claims to worship Jehovah but who deliberately violates his laws" is not disfellowshipped and subsequently shunned? Rather, the 'good" JW is enouraged to "be kind" but to avoid close association. Is this possibly a lead up to "new light" regarding shunning? Somehow I doubt it...but.....
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think this may be a real possibility in the future being that they could lose their status to operate as a charity because of their cruel shunning practices?

    But I can only hope that something can break that awful cruel practice to avoid one's own children.

  • hybridous
    Lisa, that is some tremendously powerful perspective....thanks.
  • TheFadingAlbatros
    Life has taught me not to live with a bunch of "IF", but with realities related to cults with their intrinsic manipulative inclination, an indispensable condition for the JW's cult that struggle to survive..
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    If the stopped shunning tomorrow.........................I'd seriously start sharing TTATT with 3 relatives who are Elders - and finally meet a d/f'd in-law I've never met yet!
  • Xanthippe

    I learnt about boundaries when I left the JWs. Never heard the phrase with regard to human relationships in the first thirty years of my life. If my family wanted a relationship with me after twenty-seven years of acting like I died and as if my daughter had never been born, it would have to be on my terms, boundaries firmly in place. Their contacting me would be about their need to obey or whatever. Their needs are no longer my concern.

    They have ripped the duty ties of family to shreds. All that remains is, do I want to associate with them? Would it make me happy? That I would have to decide at the time. After going through the pain barrier of terrible loneliness especially after losing my husband as well, I have learnt something huge and it is this, I no longer need them, they have nothing I need. 🎉🎈💥🎉

  • brandnew
    If they stopped shunning tommorrow.......i would lock my doors, and disconnect my phones today....just sayin......payback is a bitch ! ! !
  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    If they lifted or softened their rules on shunning, I don't think it will have the impact some here think it will. Do you think that your children, parents, and former friends that have shunned you for many years will all of a sudden reach out to you? They will still view you as unrepentant, mentally diseased, worldly, and bad association. I don't see a daughter or son that has shunned their parents for a decade and withhold their children from meeting their grandparents all of a sudden have a change of heart.

    The Watchtower Inc. would have to give not only permission but also encourage those to reach out, and that won't happen. Every year the WT publishes the same narratives several times a year. First narrative is the example of Korah being "swallowed up" for not following Moses and that not following the Governing Body is a death sentence. Second is Jesus stating he came not for Peace but with a Sword pitching daughter against father ect.... These two are repeated over and over again every single year I was a witness, and I still see it in their literature to this day.

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