Christianity: The most deceptive religion

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    Here's my problem. I went from JWism to "quasi-born again-ism" to agnostic. This is why...

    I get the whole " bible is corrupted " OT vs NT thingy. Sure, MAYBE a supreme being allowed bad people to corrupt his word to give them rope to hang themselves.

    What I cannot accept is:

    1) God is all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful, but ALLOWS a shit-load of his "perfect" angelic sons to rebel and cause untold suffering. ( Stuckinamovement wrote an excellent illustration about this.)

    2) I will be judged eternally for being a confused human who can't figure out a book of ancient scrolls that no one has EVER agreed upon. A book that could have been made redundant, if only GOD would just send me an e-mail, or Instagram, or just show up at my house and acted cool, maybe making me the ultimate cocktail.

    Seriously dude, you can't call or something? Have you really just picked "Merica" as your fave!??? You don't seem to be doing anything at all? If you are all-knowing, that means you must be way smarter than me, but you patronize me and insult my intelligence by expecting me to believe, based on ZERO tangible evidence BTW.

    If I die and end up before you, I hope you explain some shit and understand why I deserve an explanation.


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Really, it is sad how religion has used people, and deceived them....

    If you were God, why make a book that everyone MUST figure out, that is HARD to figure out, and then get MAD at your 'kids' for not 'figuring it out'?

    If it were really that important, it should be simple and easy.

    That would be true love.

  • opusdei1972

    I think that if we have "a God" who was the indirect cause of our existence, we can conclude the following :

    1) He had nothing to do with the composition of the Bible. Unless He wants to mock us.

    2) He wants us for living only a limit period of time (as human beings at least).

    3) He knows that evil will always emerge in our social environment.

    4) In general (or may be always), He is sleeping when we are in danger.

  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me


    God causes bolts of lightning to be seen around the world. The bolts of lightning seen around the world inscribe large boulders around the world with the commands to love one another, to care for the widows and orphans, to show kindness and share what we have. And if we do we will inherit everlasting life.

    What would truly change on earth?

  • PhilsWager2
    "Village Idiot:

    The Christian religion is the most deceptive because it is hypocrite. It says "we have to love our enemies". On the other hand, Islam says: "we have to kill our enemies". It's more sincere"

    Still waiting for facts to back up this claim and is there any way we can use accepted historians to prove "Rome enabled Xians to expand" prior to the first 300 years of the church? We need to find evidence unless all your doing is providing us with your opinion, if that's your opinion, nothing anyone say's is going to sway your personal experiences with bad people.

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