"Jehovah's Witness School"

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  • Cassiline

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    It's me Cami
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  • Jacinta

    Hi. Who do you know from that school? It would be fun to see if we know any of the same people.

  • recoveringexjw

    I also went to a witness school.this was in sacremento california its called sacremento state preparatory school

  • crawdad2

    hi jacinta!

    did you know amy grey?.......or joe grey?

  • Jacinta

    Yeah! I knew Joey Gray. I think that is how you spell it.
    Wow! I had a little crush on Joey. He never paid any attention to me of course. I think he was dating Brooke Bandaras. She was at the school too. Did you know her?

  • Preston

    I knew a couple of people that went to that school Jacinta. Did you know the Steelman's? I also live in AZ myself...

  • crawdad2

    i don't remember brook,,,,,,but i remember that last name.....and the steelmans.....

    the greys were very nice to me........last i heard he was so upset with certain elders (he was an elder) that he moved away to michigan........so sad that they are still captive.

    i'm sure he will experience the same bs in michigan.

    how about aaron amador?........remember him?

  • Jacinta

    Yep, I knew the Steelmans. Mrs. Steelman taught science, or she tried to. I did not like her because she treated us so mean in that class. Also, her mother in law attended my congregation. She was a very nice lady. But when she married a black man in the congregation, Bro. Dunn, the Steelmans stopped talking to her. Her own family was predujiced!

  • xyzzy

    Huh. I've never heard of such a school when I was a JW. Perhaps it was some sort of local thing?

  • Sangdigger

    What a small world, my wife attended a JW school in Az. In her opinion, it was just a place for Jw's to send their troubled kids to. I guess they had some drug problems and discipline problems. Of course all schools do, but you would expect more from a JW school! Ha Ha

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