Wife just went to circuit meeting

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  • JWdaughter

    Keep making better offers. Plays, movies, dinner, taking care of sick husband, movies are cheap on Tuesdays, art walk, author reading, free museum Thursday's, Renn fest, highland games, dance classes.. .

    I recentlydiscovered my mom misses kind of a lot of meetings. She is tired from work or I ask if she wants t o do something, basically anything.

  • menrov

    Thanks all. I do feel though that I seem to have given the impression I want to enforce my view on her. That is not the case. I was sharing an observation, a situation likely others are in as well.

    My point is, that for someone (JW in general) who claims to do all that is written, it seems that the council in Eph. is not really considered. At least it seems not in situations like I am in now.

    To consider: there is no scriptural support in NT to justify the obligation to visit annual conventions or assemblies. That was a practice with the Jews under the Law. But the council by Paul is I guess relevant to all Christians. (even to situations where husband is an unbeliever).

    In my situation. it was presented as a given fact that she would go to attend the circuit meeting. If I would say I would go on Sunday to an all day event, I am sure she would expect me to discus and come to a sort of a mutual agreement that I would go alone and leave her because she does not want to go. I guess she would not have liked me to just tell her I'd be away for the day and because I know she would not want to join me, I'd leave her alone on Sunday. And she would be absolutely right that a couple discusses this. So, why not when there is a JW circuit meeting?

    That was just my point.

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