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    Ok pardner...this is it, this is your chance to show how good you really are.. ( cue western music, tumble-weeds and whistling..."

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    Here are the ground rules, should you accept the challenge.

    1) Choose one topic.

    2) Strictly ahere to the "criteria for truth" presented at the "GOD'S WORD IS TRUTH!" District convention. Here's the criteria buckaroo..


    1) God's word is the ultimate source of truth.

    2) Truth is the correct understanding of God's word.

    3) Jesus' words are truth.

    4) No "truth" can contradict another "truth." If there is a contradiction, only one can be true.

    5) Truth cannot contain change. Truth remains truth.

    6) No probabilities or assumptions allowed. God's true prophets never prophesied in probabilities or assumptions. Exactly what they said came true.

    7) Truth is verifiable facts.

    If you agree with the Governing Body's official criteria for truth, then pick a subject or teaching, past or present, that is unique to Jehovah's Witnesses. You must prove that it is "truth", following the official criteria. If not, then I'm a callin you a yellah dog... If you win, I'll print off every single post that I have ever put on JWN. I will take them to the Elders who accused me of apostasy and beg for forgiveness. I will even take my laptop with me and sign in to JWN, thereby proving that I am DATA-DOG. I will also NEVER post here again, not even under another name. That's right, you heard me.

    If you lose, you must apologize to everyone you have insulted, promise to use paragraphs and punctuation. So?? What's it gonna be? One topic, you pick it. 1925? Organ transplants? Spiritual Mother? Blood transfusions? God's name is "JEHOVAH." Jesus is Michael the Archangel? It's your call Billythekid.. Are you yellah?! What's it gonna be........

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  • LostGeneration

    Debating the insane, you must have lots of time on your hands!


    I imagine that he will head for the hills. Anyone can join in! Just stick to the subject and the criteria!

    Billythekid, feel free to have a bunch of pioneers over and count your time. I know it's tough keeping up your hourly requirement for life. Bring all the friends you want!


  • jgnat

    It might have been better to post this at a time he isn't impaired. I predict a massive hangover in his future with a twist of regret.


    Ok,then.. I am pretty nice guy when I ain't terrorizin' the townfolk. Just get some rest Billythekid. Come back when you are auxillary pioneering.


  • Badfish

    *gets up from saloon table and hides behind bar*

  • billythekid46

    I haven’t been in a KH for years, but Hey I got my first laugh of the day. Thank you. Since I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else. I believe the ball was on your court. Calling me yellow, well I see the intelligence this one sided debate would be. I’m at peace with my maker, and my soul is prepared, is yours. Remember I’m insane, a drunkard and you want me to apologize to a bunch of pathetic people that are ruining the younger generation with fabricate tales of the light. Continue your works, as I got the answers I was looking from this forum. Thank for allowing me in your EX JEHOVAHS WINTESS ALTERNATIVE CHURCH. 2 Peter 3: 14-18 / 2 Peter 2: 15-16 / 1 John 3: 17-22 and finally 1 Peter 3: 16-17 Run for the Hills, well, who’s dizzy now. May you find peace?

  • sooner7nc

    You need to get help Billy. For real.

  • Badfish

    Cheers, Billy. Myself, I'm on a Mexican beer kick tonight. What are you drinkin'?

  • billythekid46

    I was partial to Paloma Blanca about 15 years ago. If you find it, have one for me

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