WTS Hypocrisy Digging Their Own Grave WT 6/15/02

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  • Teirce

    Ah, but remember back when it was anathema to even invoke mathematics in the hope of computing when Armageddon would strike? All the time up till 1994 we KNEW that the special mightiness was running out, but, ahahah, slap on the wrist to those who are trying to beat the system. Do not let your left brain know what your right is doing. (Paul was oddly prophetic of this epistomologic notion..)

  • seedy3


    The quotes from the 1997 articles indicate the 2005 date. If you take the 70 years from John The Babtist and add them to the 1935 date you come up to 2005.


  • the follower
    the follower

    I am really not being obtuse.

    Why do you say to add 70 years on to 1935?

    The article talks about the destruction of Jerusalem in 70CE, is that what you mean. Why does that suggest to add on 70 years to 1935?

    dazed and confused

  • DCs Ghost
    DCs Ghost


    just in time for episode 3

    "we do not see the world as it is,
    we see the world as we are. . ." Anais Nin

  • patio34

    Hi Reborn,
    Thanks for the update on the wT. However, i don't understand how you arrive at 2005 either as DCsGhost says. Could you please explain that a bit further?


  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    I'm still trying to figure out 1935! 1914 at least had WW1 to make it look somewhat valid but what about 1935? I know, it's like the Watchtower quoting it's old back issues to prove its self correct. But 1935? So they had a new understanding then, so what. We had a new understanding in 1995 and 1975 for that matter. Perhaps they should be new anchor dates also. Well "95 was for me and that was when I seen clearly what a lot of nonsence this all is.

  • rmayer32

    That is disgusting. I feel for you that you still have family in there buying into that crapp. And 2005?? Who's Ass did they pull that out of????


  • dmouse

    Don’t forget, the total focus of most Jehovah’s Witnesses is the coming day of Armageddon. As much as they bleat about not serving with a date in mind it simply isn’t so, the ‘serving Jehovah without a date’ only crops up usually during a Watchtower article admitting another failed prophecy (ahem, I mean new light, excuse me).

    The spiritual food coming out of Brooklyn is mainly tasteless porridge, with no nutritional value. Why do the JWs, even the devout ones, constantly trawl through these inane ramblings? They are looking for the nugget. They are looking for that one piece of spiritual food that will sustain them. They are looking for clues from the ‘Slave class’ (who, after all are God’s messengers) indicating ‘the date’.

    So, with this in mind, read the information again. Note these key points:

    Elijah and John did a work that showed that ‘the date’ was near. In this case 70 C.E., which is mentioned how many times?

    The Modern day ‘Slave’ is doing a similar work, so there may be other prophetic similarities.

    So, (and this doesn’t have to be logical, we are talking about JWs here!) the end MAY come in modern day 70 C.E. Yes? You follow? 70 C.E. was 70 years on from whatever…..so……Armageddon will come 70 years from whatever.

    What date do the new ‘John class’ give to start your calculations? Yes, 1935.

    So , 70 years on from 1935 gives you 2005!

    BUT BUT BUT – The society will NEVER come out and say this openly. This is a subliminal suggestion only. The purpose is to foster speculation that ‘the date’ is only a few years away. The idea that Armageddon is so close is needed, like the proverbial carrot, to keep the brothers going. When 2005 passes without cosmic incident, they will look at each other, shrug, and get back to trawling through the crap issuing forth from the Brooklyn sewers.

  • Mazza

    dmouse, I got more of a high from your response than I did from my 6ish gin and tonic. Loved it - you make the rest of us look like amateurs.

    I think some of the others were having trouble coz they spend too much time in the real world where such dizzy leaps of logic are considered insanity.

    Alchemist said: I'm still trying to figure out 1935! 1914 at least had WW1 to make it look somewhat valid but what about 1935?

    Well I don't know the answer but I suspect it was given to us in the opening WT quotes, but I could take a stab in the dark - hey if it's good enough for the Tower!? It's either the date of an international convention where they put the world on notice or was it when the great crowd were discovered. (under a rock) Now I'll have to go back and read the all those annoying WT quotes to find the answer. Hey, just like old times!!!


  • Nemesis

    Hi Reborn2002,
    I posted a picture of page 15 of that issue on another thread, in regard to their comments on the Internet (see top of pic) and as you have said how they try and discredit scholars and then used them and misquote them at their leisure when it’s convenient to do so: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=26852&site=3

    One other point that really bugged me was the first article, basically making out all the humanitarian aid in trying to help the starving, and diseased etc. is not doing any good. They then keep saying: “God’s kingdom is coming to solve all mankind’s problems etc.” Even showing some little girl with a bunch of flowers in hand and the text above her says: “Soon, through the messianic Kingdom complete relief from problems will come.”

    The bit they conspicuously forget to mention is not that God is going to take over all world governments like a major Divine election, he is not going to feed the starving and heal the sick etc. either, but what he is going to do [according to the Watchtower], is massacre and obliterate 99.9% of the worlds population! That’s not exactly “solving mankind’s problems” is it?

    Can you imagine if your family had contracted say TB, and you all went to the hospital, and a new JW doctor said we have a cure better then all these “worldly” cures that only bring half relief, and you say: “what cure? How do we get better?” And the JW doc pulls out a gun and kills you all! “There, you no longer suffer or have TB!” he says. Problem solved! Why does the Watchtower always miss out their “minor” detail of mass genocide and slaughter? Maybe because most people would not come within ten miles of a Kingdom hall if the JWs actually spoke and wrote the truth of what they really believe and want to happen to humanity!

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