JW.org to be banned in Russia

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I used Google Translator. Failed to see anything while I skimmed the material. Most of the listings did not appear to have much to do with JWs. It appears there was no ban. Could this be related to the Olympics?

  • zound

    Police found the site to contain seven Jehovah's Witness texts on the Federal List of Extremist Materials

  • Vidiot

    Data-Dog - "Ok...so what does a non-extremist JW.ORG look like?"


  • Melchisedek

    You described the terrible country with a dictator at the head ... I live in Russia and do not see it! Russian authorities enforce the law, but do not engage in censorship))) Russia supported Edward Snowden, and it's about saying something ...

    Extremist books have read and nobody forbids, but you can not distribute massively! Courts eliminate local communities JW due to violations of the laws, and restrict access to content jw.org violating Russian laws.


    The true religion should be able to spread, even if a local government forbids it. After all, the Bible says that nothing can stop truth. That being said, I believe that all organized Xian religions should be heavily taxed. Tax them all and see who survives. Then tax contributions to a church. If Joe Publisher wants to make a monthly pledge to the WTBTS, so be it. Just tax him.

    Lets see Jeehoober deal with that.


  • Melchisedek

    Bible says that nothing can stop truth ... argument )))

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