Why would a supremely powerful and wise being regard faith as a virtue?

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    If I were the All-powerful Creator of all the universe it would be a very easy thing to prove my existence, requirements and will in an indisputable and unambiguous way. Everyone would know of my existence and requirements without them having to put forth effort to believe based on limited, ambiguous evidence that is highly subject to interpretation.

    I would regard faith as a harmful trait that makes one vulnerable to being deceived. My wisdom would cause me to understand that the concept of faith would make it easy for charlatans to devise all manner of false claims and teachings in my name and conveniently use the faith card to guilt persons into believing them in the absence of conclusive proof.

    I would teach my worshipers that faith is a flaw to be avoided and in this way protect them from being easily deceived by charlatans. They would be taught to see the wisdom in refusing to believe false, outlandish claims that require faith since they cannot be conclusively proven. There would be little room for doubt as to who is the true God and what are his requirements. There would not be a multiplicity of false religions as exist today.

    An All-powerful God who values and requires faith from his worshipers, is actually molding their minds in a way that makes them vulnerable to being deceived. It seems to me that such a God would not be very wise at all. Conversely, wise is the charlatan who, being unable to prove his outlandish claims, realizes that he can get persons to believe (or at least convince themselves that they believe) if he can convince them that having faith is a virtue and that disbelieving is an evil. It is the shrewd but powerless - the con[fidence] men - that rely on their victims having confidence - faith - in their claims. Faith is useless to the powerful as they can easily get others to know that their claims are true.


  • happy@last

    Faith is pretending to know things you don't really know. It is not a virtue.

  • cofty

    I can think of plenty virtues that I value.

    The ability to pretend to know stuff isn't one of them.

  • steve2

    I would credit a Creator with being at least as intelligent and rational-minded as me, and hopefully more so. Quite why such a Creator would communicate via a symbol-laden collection of manuscripts from ancient-minded peoples and chose to select a motley American group to lead the way in current times defies not only intelligence and rational-mindedness, but an absence of compassion and love. For God so loved the world that he directed the Watchtower Society to speak for him in these never-ending end times?

  • dog is god
    dog is god

    Any all-anything self complete being would have no need to demand worship, clothing or hair demands, no need to control anything or any body.

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    Just one question. Why should an omnipotent omniscient creator want worshippers? Succh great being would probably not be narcissistic! :-) Believe is one thing, worship is someting different.

  • jwfacts

    I would regard faith as a harmful trait that makes one vulnerable to being deceived.

    Excellent post.

  • stillin

    Island Man, you're hired!

    I agree, why should God leave us to try to sort out something so important and come to a conclusion based on such shaky evidence. Religion is a racket and a snare, everybody knows that these days.

  • prologos

    Faith would be a virtue only if it stimulated research into reality, into the works that the "powerful & wise being" displays a his hall mark.

    religions appear to be nothing but trial balloons, lures even, to get him out of hiding. like

    the un-requested attempt of Cain&Abel to force god to make a religion choice.

    What I see is that the "being" is a successful creator, he rewards success both in living* and scientific research.

    Faith in Facts only.

    *survival, after the arrival of the fittest.

  • designs

    nothing says you are the brains behind the cosmos than sealing the deal with a human sacrifice....

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