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  • free2beme

    As a society, we will not have alien life revealed until mankind can take it. As it would completely and 100% destroy religion. As the first question most people would ask, "Who is your god, what do you know god's name to be" and so on. If they did not have the same exact belief and name, we would finally know one thing for sure ... it is a manmade myth.

  • Xanthippe

    Professor Brian Cox on BBC Stargazing Live this evening was describing how scientists are able to deduce the chemical makeup of planets they are discovering around distant stars.

    He said, 'It wont be long before we will be able to detect CFCs and spot an industrialized planet'.

    It's come such a long way in my lifetime. When I was young there were only the nine planets in our solar system, before they dropped Pluto. Now cosmologists have found hundreds of planets and they, with all their knowledge, talk very seriously about the possibility of life on other planets which is really exciting.

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