Young baptism a double standard with marriage?

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  • smiddy

    marriage is a huge step , what influence do family have here ? At what age is too young ?

    Baptism is a huge step , is it without peer pressure ? or the consequences that maybe involved ?

    Life and death is a huge step

    Choosing your religion is a huge step ,however family can influence this decision

    Blood or no blood is a huge step ,what influence does outside pressures have to bear on this decision ?

    Young people and the influence of their parents and peers within a cult .


  • Deltawave
    I have had this debate many times with my witness family. Even though I was baptised at 11 I use that as my argument that I was way too young to have been allowed to make such a life changing decision. It is wrong. Legally you have to 16 or 18 to make certain desicions about alcohol, driving and marriage. Should be the same with baptism!
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Splash, you nailed it. I am speechless with rage at the way things are going. Youngsters are being set up to be enmeshed and enslaved. They don't know that they face a choice of zombie obedience or estrangement from everyone they know and love.

    It is evil.

  • _Morpheus
  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    Good link.

    Shit, can they not up it to 50s, this will give me the chance to develop my brain away from cult indoctrination.

  • _Morpheus
    I think the science is still being debated So you may have a shot ;) The point is 9 or 10 is way way too young to get married and certainly too young to join a cult
  • Vidiot

    Dunk 'em young, so that if they figure out the TTATT by their late teens/early twenties, they can be DFed before they cause any trouble

    Marry 'em young, because God forbid they have nonmarital sex (and get pregnant) like everyone else and expose the fact that JWs are no holier than any other churchgoin' folk.

  • C Lynne
    C Lynne

    Morpheus- I have on good knowledge you got your info from an apostate site HAHAHAHA. fuck im funny. Like so funny.

    Ok let me get all " high and mighty on you" and say, I have a degree in the medical field so I must be right. bahahaha. I mean really, I kill myself.

  • C Lynne
    C Lynne
    Morpheus- what are your stats? I feel like you and I have a connection. hahahahahahahahaha OK I need to stop drinking. Is "stats" what the young ones say still? Young as in 24 or younger because their brains are not in the pre frontal cortex as in I AM RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG!!! hahahah ok bye

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