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  • username

    Hi there, although I have been a lurker here for a while now I've not yet posted a new topic, so here goes nothing lol.

    I have been thinking a lot lately on all the changes and the branch visits, specifically the UK branch visit where apparently it has bean mentioned the great tribulation is about to start.

    Since I've not heard the full talk and only heard certain items from it I got to thinking that maybe this is the org's way of saying the watchtower is about to go down due to all the cover ups and the long list of discrepancies.

    Maybe I am way off the mark here, what does everone else think?

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    You might have a point there.

    Considering the prophecies of the time of the end that JWs use, which after analyzing them from a non-WTBTS point of view, clearly show that we are not living in this time.

    • Wars etc - we are living in about the most peaceful time ever for the human race.
      (I will not provide any proof here, research it, its on the Internet)
    • Increasing lawlessness - definitely not, having police and a judicial system keeps crime in check, even though there is corruption. Again like wars we have never had more peaceful time for the human race.
    • Pestilences - that is ridiculous to say that is problem today, the bubonic plague use to kill vast numbers of the population, with the health control systems mankind has in place, even Ebola has its problems.
    • Earthquakes - same as they have always been in frequency and intensity, occasionally someone publishes something different and that is what the WTBTS quotes.
    • Preaching - considering that around 2 billion people have no chance of hearing the "Good news", then certainly this point is not being fulfilled.
    Anyway I have also noticed that the bOrg has been preparing the drones for such persecution, which will not be due to Satan attacking them, but the judicial system will say enough is enough!
  • galaxie
    Whoever ' attacks ' or threatens the existence of the JWs wtbts will have satan as their instigator,the rank and file will duly acknowledge, they have been primed.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome USERNAME - You're probably not far wrong, because the Org has been "priming" its fleece-suppliers with warnings about persecution and attacks on God's Org by the media & governments etc. for several months now. So they may be preparing the 'faithful' to be ready to sacrifice "till it hurts" if the Org faces financial tribulation or meltdown!

    Such a sacrifice will almost certainly involve many of them selling their KH and having to travel several miles to the next available KH.

  • cognitivedizzy
    And I have a feeling that the JW Broadcasting is some awakened top gun's clever idea to show how stupid the GB is really!! You never know.. considering the kind of stuff they spew
  • kairos

    Any successful "attack"- ( punitive judgments , jailings, account or property seizures by governments or courts ) will be viewed as coming from "Gog of Magog".

    So sad...

  • Vidiot

    As I said in another thread, I suspect at this point that all the current nagging for money is because they anticipate losing their tax-exempt status...

    ...they've (stupidly, arrogantly, or crazily, take your pick) handed their current legal opponents a nearly foolproof weapon to beat them in court, by refusing to provide a GB member for testimony, and refusing to provide the pedo database as evidence.


    Pretty hard to spin losing tax-exemption as "persecution", though...

    ..."paying back Ceasar's things to Ceaser" is an attack? Seriously?

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    I think they are up to speed on another possible stock market crash or worst coming up this fall. The worst months for the market are usually in sept - oct. Better get those contributions in now before your savings tank eh ? I'm all cash in my retirement account right now, waiting for the forthcoming market correction that's taking it's sweet time. Being in the market has always made me very anxious, reason for my extreme caution. Once read an Awake article on a brother that went all in the market to make a killing so that he could quit his job an pioneer. I had a similar incident in '08 myself, how dumb I was !

  • stan livedeath
  • JWdaughter

    Vidiot, do religions have tax exempt status everywhere? In the UK?

    More importantly, why would that court case remove their tax exempt status?

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