JWs, evolution and fossils

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  • designs

    JWs approach science and scientists the same way Fundamentalists do- if they disagree with their Young Earth views then science is all wrong.

  • Oh Gawd
    Oh Gawd

    Billy, what I find is that my FIL, an elder with over 40 years in the borg, wants to talk about such things. The problem is just the slightest bit of counter-information makes him turn into a mad man. Very mad in fact. Oh wait, that's not a problem, that's the fun part LOL!

    designs...I thought JW's believed in an old Earth. Fairly certain I've read that in their literature. They just think people appeared 6,000 years ago. Not sure what they think was happening throughout those other 14 billion years.

  • snare&racket

    Oh Gawd,

    awesome info looking forward to chatting more. Yeah I was talking about all fossils, that is the misconception most people have....every fossil is evidence of evolution, every fossil is a window to transition, there is no crocoduck. i ised to think the religious were ignorant alone, but now I know they are more than that they are deceitful. They have lied about what evolution is, so people ask for evidence taht doesnt exist, hence they look for monkeys turning into men, or men sprouting wings, or half dog half cats and such like. No scientist has ever claimed such things about evolution.

    Yeah that quote they mined was so deceitful, that indeed was the one. But the interesting point that most JWs dont realise is that they are admitting SOME evidence exists, rather than none, the fact the quote is wrong and out of date is additional information they need to hear for sure! I showed my sister is straight away. There is a great document online with all the quotes and their original sources in context. The deceit is so obvious!

    Thanks for the reply, was hoping to just give you an insight into the types of things you can expect to hear, glad you are well prepped for it ;) you can save lives with a basic understanding of science, as in save people from cults and wasted lives!

    All the best with it, looking forward to more chats x

  • Vidiot

    cofty - "Their argument against evolution goes as follows... 'complexity, complexity, complexity, complexity, complexity, complexity, complexity, complexity, .... therefore Jehovah'..."

    Recently, their position (published in a WT, obviously) was even more specific (and frankly, a lot more honest than one might expect).

    The article acknowledged that if evolution were true, then the Genesis creation narrative couldn't be literal history... (which is - for all intents and purposes - the real underlying reason evolution is dismissed).

    Essentialy, the rejection of evolution is ideological.

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