The work is speeding up

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  • leaving_quietly

    It was reported here on this forum that in the Seattle area a high level elder or CO told the one posting it that in the circuits of that area their loosing half a dozen members per circuit every six months. They also had an international assembly in Seattle last year and reported something like 70K in attendance the first day but by the pics it didn't look like it to me.

    That was the OVERALL attendance of people in Seattle, PLUS the tie in cities. I was there. The thread on it is here.

  • Watchtower-Free

    Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses Cult Meme's and Humor

  • bradford
    I'd say 10-20% of the congregation (115+ publishers) has been reproved/dfd/diassociated with an unknown amount non-believing but going through the motions. On the reverse side, about 1 or 2 gets baptized per year, usually a teenager that was raised as a witness. I don't recall the last one who was found in the ministry.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    When was the last time someone that had no family members that were JW,

    get baptized, the beginning of a first generation to come into the borg here

    in the USA???

    bradford mention "I don't recall the last one who was found in the ministry".

    That is a good sign...

  • BluesBrother

    I think that this is significant ....

    The Financial Needs of the Congregation - Broadcast May 2015
    "We have looked forward to this next fiscal year and projected the expenditures for all the Theocratic activities that we are scheduling. In doing the math we have found that the amount of money flowing out will be much greater than the money flowing in at the present time." ......Stephen Lett

    Or as Irving Berlin wrote :

    "There may be trouble ahead
    But while there's moonlight and music
    And love and romance
    Let's face the music and dance"

    So let(t)'s enjoy being t v stars while it lasts.....

  • Finkelstein

    I think Lett is probably the most stupidest of the GB members as well the most ignorantly naïve , so much so the rest of the GB use and exploit him to put out questionable information that he doesn't have a real clue as toward its truthfulness and honesty of the information he receives.

    I still think this begging for money has something to do with getting more funds for the new UK branch which is going to cost way past 100 mil.

    The UK branch didn't have the same amount of funds of what the Brooklyn HQ had upon selling the organization's properties there.

    So the call is out for more, so the UK can build its newly constructed branch, that's what Lett is referring to by more expenditures going out this year . $$$

  • steve2

    Some here attribute the active membership attrition to the internet age. You are too generous in linking it to the relative ease of investigating troubling stuff about the organization on the net. A far more straightforward explanation is plain, bored-in-the-skull apathy. Apathy is the ideal way to fade because it does not require a compelling reason and is its own "reward".

    I acknolwedge that some leave because they are disturbed by what they see and hear going on in the organization and realize it is due to leadership issues. However, untold numbers slump out the door because they are bored out of their ever loving minds.

  • Crazyguy
    Selling off most of thier big properties, stealing KHs from the congregations, begging for money and incouraging babies to get baptised. Cutting back on paying for missionary work and having Gilead school grads assigned to cities in the USA. Not to mention the continued consolidation of congregations around the world as they sell off KHs. All this happening with in the last decade is a huge sign that they are loosing the ability to keep or attract paying members. Also as I mentioned since they no longer pushing the missionary work or at least will to pay for it, this tells me they don't care to recruit members from third world countries because there no profit in doing so. And if any new member here doubts the Borg only cares about profit then you should look at the posts concerning what happened in Mexicoconcerning thier r property rights.
  • Doltologist

    jovie world gives all new jovies two buckets.

    In the first, they pour hope.

    In the other, they pour shit.

    When the bucket containing the shit outweighs the bucket containing the hope, people leave jovie world.

  • R. Jerome Harris
    R. Jerome Harris

    Please tell me, what is this "work" that is speeding up? I have heard this constantly for over thirty years.

    What exactly is this preaching of the Good News of the Kingdom message that the WT organization claims that it is preaching? Where is it written?

    Why do imperfect men "assume" that God will entrust them with such an important and perfect message? Are men deserving to preach it?

    Explain to me why the "revelation by Jesus Christ that God gave him" at Rev 14:6 tells me that an angel (not angels) will be given the Good New to declare to those who dwell on the earth.

    This I can say from my experience when I was a faithful, loyal and dedicated baptized JW, no one could lock down "exactly" what the Good News of the Kingdom message is and what it entails.

    It is assumed that going door-to-door and house-to-house and passing out Watch Tower literature and making Bible Studies with a view of assisting persons into the WT organization is that Good News preaching work. Is it?

    Neither God or Christ told any of us to make "Bible Studies." Rather, Christ told us to make Disciples to himself. Thus, Students of Christ not students of the Bible!

    I maintain that all of Christianity - to include the WT organization - is an impostor, a counterfeit which is actually an enemy to God and Christ.

    Yes, it truthfully teaches that Jesus is the Christ ... but ... it misleads many. (Matthew 24:4-5)

    A false Good News of the Kingdom message is being preached today. Millions are being led to believe that is is "the truth." I submit to all who are reading this that it is not.

    As a test here in Africa where I reside, I asked twenty or so JWs what is the Good News of the Kingdom message? I got different answers? I was not trying to trick anyone.

    I am confident I would get different answers from any JW in any country.

    The Good News of the Kingdom message has not been given yet. And, when it is given, only the angel deserving to declare it will be given it to declare.

    I believe this angel is Michael (Jesus Christ) the Faithful Witness. (Compare Matthew 24:14 and Revelation 1:5)

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