JWs left about 10 Minutes Ago

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  • Listener

    No bibles, just advertising their publications, that speaks volumes.

    A Bible Student, you did very well with your main message telling them to think.

  • ABibleStudent

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I hope that others will love JWs enough to plant seeds of doubt at every opportunity when it makes sense. If they were too old (> 80 years old), I would have just invited them in for a cup of tea and girl scout cookies to prevent them from placing more tracts.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • smiddy

    Good for you robert , I think trying to plant a seed of doubt , whether it be about the bible , the witness presentation , or the witness beleifs in general , is a lot better than dismissing them at your door . The majority of these people are just like you and I were, misled.

    Give them the time of day.

    Plant a seed

    Who knows where it will end .

    Their are thousands, if not millions of ex-jw`s out their , a well thought out rebuttall could accomplish untold benefits to zillions


  • moomanchu

    I still remember being reverse witnessed to when I was in.

    It definetly works, quite a predicament for the WT.

    It is amazing how JWs do not want to say who they are.

    Though I kind of remember being trained to do that.

    Ashamed of the truth? Ha

  • BluesBrother

    Nice move by the O/P to write a note on their own tract, ( I must remember that) since they are strictly told not to accept literature back from householders.....could be from !

    As for the market stall.....they are really pushing this kind of "ministry" now, they seem intent on shovelling out shedloads of printed stuff with no more thought of "reasoning from the scriptures".....Is that not what the old ones did in the early twentieth century? Everything goes around and comes around

  • nicolaou

    Tract. Oh god, I know I'm pedantic but it WAS bothering me.


  • gorgia2


    You never know. One day something said from the platform might trigger doubt, and they may recall your bit of scribble on the tract ... Good on you.


  • wasblind

    Thanks for the pic

    This is a marketing ploy. The WTS want you to look at them

    as the only ones who are givin' away somethin' for free



    When they got you hooked. This cult will cost you EVERYTHING



    Drug dealers use the same ploy, and still work the streets


  • Quarterback

    I love Virginia. Did you have a good time visiting your family for Thanksgiving?

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Quarterback, Thanks for asking. Northern Virginia is pretty and so is D.C. I'm still in Virginia watching my nephew while my brother and his wife go to Hawaii on a business trip - lucky parents. I'm planning on going to a museum in D.C. today wiyh my nephew. I just have to keep prodding my nephew to go in the right direction. He can be a little passive aggressive.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,

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