KateWild's Face. Hello guys this is me, What do you look like?

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  • prologos

    K W, obviously the carbon -based organic compounds you consider divine are returning the favour and glowing in you, and your beauty is therefore not skin deep.

    stark atheists take note. may be not cause but definitely effect.

  • DJS

    I can't get a picture to post here. Any suggestions?

  • cofty

    Sign up for a free Photobucket account.

    Resize pictures so they are suitable for the forum

    Upload picture to Photobucket

    Copy "Direct Link" code

    Use the picure button above - it looks like a tree - and paste the link in the dialogue box

  • bigmac

    me--and er indoors

  • bigmac

    @ DJS--I can't get a picture to post here. Any suggestions?

    can you see the small green icon of a tree in the icons above where you type--?

    you need to post the URL address of the pic you want to upload. the way i do it is--upload the pic to your facebook--then its in the public domain. right click on the pic--on your facebook----you should see a pop up box--see--copy image URL-----copy it.

    then--on JWN---open the reply box--click on the green icon mentioned above--then paste the URL into the instruction box. then insert .

    clear as mud--? yep==i know.

    anyone know an easier way--?

  • bigmac

    now--i cant find that green tree icon again--the whole icon line is missing --yet again

  • bigmac

    now i can--this is NUTS !! i think cofty's method is better--lets see if it works

    ha--thats the result--LOL

  • bigmac

    coftys does work--i should have clicked on "direct" as cofty said. ive practiced a few times--and cancelled.

    deffo easier than my method.

    just needed to resize

    this is fun--nice one Cofty

  • prologos

    Big Mac I like your hairpiece, bohuk.

  • KateWild

    Hey cofty! Where are you, you scoundrel. Love Kate xx

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