So, here's a new definition of 'apostacy'

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  • ItsMyLife

    If you allow your child to have a part in the nativity play, it's apostacy. Even if the child just stands there, dressed as a an animal. With no lines.

    Even if you've been inactive for several months.

    Talk about extremes and emotional blackmail!

  • clarity

    ItsMyLife ...did this happen to you?


    I don't doubt that elders would do this ...such insanity huh?


  • Comatose

    Lol. thats idiocy. But something simar has recently happened to me.

  • Joliette

    Thats what the watchtower do best!

  • Phizzy

    There is no such word as "AostaCy", it is" ApostaSy", no C two letter S.

    This may sound petty, but every time you make a mistake that JW's can pick on, you lose the argument in their mind.

    Interesting point you make in the O.P though, how is doing what you describe "Apostasy" ?

    All you have done is allow your child to take part in a drama based on fictional events.


  • jonahstourguide

    well, given the meaning of apostasy, the idea of the fictitional nativity play and participating therein,

    goes against the "accepted" religious belief that you by default agree to when you used to be active

    as it is construed in the above A word.

    Become a member of any organisation and dont abide by their rules of association and

    see what happens???? My point being where is the delineation between the jw and any other org.

    I've been a lefty for many years, protesting against the wrongs of society. Join us and waver....

    you is out. That is why it's so important for all to make people aware of what they are getting in to....

    "read the constitution".

    Thats my two bobs worth

  • Phizzy

    The whole attitude is crazy though. For example, I am now a non-believer, but as a "fader" looked upon as "Inactive" by the local Congo.

    But if I were to put up a huge Christmas Tree with baubles and lights etc they would view this as "Apostasy" and DF me in a flash.

    Yet how can I be accused of taking part in a "false" religious festival when I am not a believer ? It surely is impossible for me to take really part ? I am merely choosing to decorate my home in a seasonal way.

    Surely the way I view the tree is the important thing, the Israelites with their sacred Poles really believed in the god or goddess concerned, they had Apostasised.

    There is no reasoning with people who have no reasoning ability though, is there ?

  • ItsMyLife

    I apologise for spelling 'apostasy' incorrectly. My spelling and grammar are both usually top-level. It was about 3am for me and I hadn't yet managed to sleep, as I was too upset. I just chose one of the two options that came up on my phone. Obviously it was the wrong one.

    I am pretty sure that spelling one word incorrectly is not going to make any difference to how the elders view me. Many of them are unable to spell relatively simple words correctly, judging by the boards at the KH.

    The argument for a child of a JW (inactive or not) participating in a nativity play being an act of apostasy is that the story originated with false religion. Therefore you are touching the unclean thing, and not being no part of the world.

    It's so flaming difficult to get out of that religion! Especially if you're a born-in, and got baptized at 15, and most of your family are in, with one of them being a super-conscientious elder. At that age, in that situation, you don't know there's a constitution to read...

    Comatose, I'm sorry you went through something similar. Have you posted on here what happened? I'd be interested to find out.

  • Phizzy

    But the Nativity story comes from the Gospels in the main, not "false" religion, they really are dumb.

  • ItsMyLife

    Phizzy, I completely agree with your last two posts!

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