How about a museum/gallery trip sometime?

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  • cantleave

    Oops double post

  • Phizzy

    Myself and Mrs Phizzy will join you Sam, and any other of the good folks of JWN if at all possible. We are both sad that we shall not be with Cantleave and gang for Chrissy Sunday Lunch and beers in Pompey tomorrow.

    We have a time problem with something we have to do for my S.I.L which will be difficult to achieve as it is, and tomorrow we have the use of some vital equipment for the task for that one day only.

    Have a good one Angus, Jane and Co !

  • KateWild

    Myself and Mrs Phizzy will join you Sam.

    Lovely, it the N/west too far for you to come?


    As it happens I visited the British Museum in London a month ago. The grand new foyer was littered with Jehovah's Witnesses. Some were casually dressed but the elders and ministerial servants wore smart suits. They hovered around, each clasping a New World Translation in the hope that members of the public would be impressed. They wore badges to show they were on a Bible Tour.

    On one of the benches sat an elder and his wife with Bible in full motion. They were taking turns to hard-sell an elderly man who sat clutching a leaflet with picture of girl stroking a lion. I sat down next to the man and listened in. They were trying to convince him that the world is getting worse and worse, so bad that it can’t go on much longer without help from on high. Wickedness is abundant. Apparently the Devil is responsible.

    I butted in and explained that I thought the world was getting better. I pointed out that their negative view of the world was not the truth. Attempting to recruit new members in such a way was dishonest. The elder told me they were having a private conversation. I pointed out that we were in a public building, and that making negative, unfounded statements, audible to members of the public, could cause offence. He told me he thought I was very rude. I told him, all that is needed for elders to succeed, is that good men do nothing. He was smart enough to grasp that I opposed his views and hurried his wife back to the safety of the flock.

    The old man took it all in. Though slightly mauled, there were no signs of permanent damage. He explained that they had approached him and he didn’t know how to get away without appearing rude. He now knew what to do next time a Jehovah's Witness cornered him. He thanked me. We had a brief chat about the museum before my wife discovered my hiding place and dragged me off to the amazing Egyptian section.

  • cantleave

    Phizzy Pompey Xmas lunch is next week Saturday 7th.

  • snare&racket


    I was in Pompey recently....... Now there is a good museum, naval war museum, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and the freaking Mary Rose, fav ship of... Henry VIII how awesome is that!?

    Anyways..... There is no rush with the museum/London idea, maybe in a couple of months time, perhaps just before summer X (ideal with my exams anyway)

  • cantleave

    If you ever come to Pompey or Southampton feel free to look me up - I will buy you a pint!

  • snare&racket

    Sure thing, I come down often to go to the island.

    (Sounds mysterious to people who don't know IOW)

  • cantleave

    You will have to look Big Mac up too - he's in Ryde IOW.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Gladiator thats excellent work.

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