RIP Comet Ison

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  • jgnat

    With its new trajectory, will it ever be back? If I were ISON (Icarus), I'd skip another sun-bath.

  • prologos

    X : yes that singly bright light is amazing, there seems nothing near it as bright. I use it to teach the kids where its orbit is , between us and the sun.

    Galileio saw that Venus had phases like the moon, send a CODED message (for fear that the Church would nail him for that), since that proved that Venus was going around too.

    J: that was a good analogy to ICARUS.

    what I hope that we advance just as much in our understang of the reality, as mankind's knowledge has progressed since this father and son team. They not only pioneered aviation, but space flight, the writer science fiction.

    If there were any pre-organic compounds in the head of ISON, they have now been thoroughly irradiated, IONIZED.

    ISON perhaps was also stretched :spaghettied" by the strong sun gravity tidal effect. a la shoemaker -levy.

  • cofty

    Xanthippe - Venus is brilliant in the SW at the moment. Looks huge!

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