RIP Comet Ison

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  • smiddy

    Didnt some religous weirdos beleive that christs second coming was associated with comet Kahoutec ?

    Halleys comet turned out to be a bit of a fizzer at its last appearance , their have been one or two others in my lifetime , but nothing to write home about.


  • Phizzy

    It seems that some of the Comet survived its contact with the Sun, perhaps it should be renamed the Mark Twain Comet, rumours of its death being somewhat exaggerated.

  • bigmac

    thanks jgnat xx for the links---no--it wasnt kohoutec i saw in the 90's--but the name shoemaker levy rings a bell. i did try to find 'tek back in the 70's--but failed. shoemaker levy--if that was the name--- in the 90's i definitely saw with binocs late at night. but halle bopp was awesome----lasted for weeks--in full daylight. after a while we took it for granted.

  • Bruja-del-Sol
  • nicolaou

    Ison, Isoff . . . ISON!

  • AnnOMaly
  • CrimsonBleu

    It's not dead. It is still there, just beat up a little, changed direction. But alive and well.

  • Satanus

    Its a sign. To get the proper enterpretation of this sign in the heavens, you must chug 3 beers, spin around for one minute, and then gaze into your decoder ring. Whatever you see is what it means (if you're still standiing), selah.


  • kurtbethel

    My favorite comet so far has been Hyakutate. It was spectacular in the northern skies. Hale Bopp was okay, seen mostly in the western sky. I had a great view of it in my Dynacope RV-6 and showed it to some neighbors.

    When Shoemaker Levy broke into pieces and slammed into Jupiter, I had a front row seat of seeing the impact sites.

    Good times. I was hoping Ison would not be a bust.

  • Xanthippe

    Can't believe how bright Venus is at the moment. I assume it's Venus just after 5pm in the south-west, low in the sky. Brightest thing I've ever seen, looks like a huge electric light just above the houses. I've been seeing it for a few weeks now.

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