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    I have to go to the CA this weekend for family reasons.. I plan on taking notes to share with everyone. I was wondering, is there anything particularly weird or cultish this time? Just wondering. Oh, I am so pissed because the morons who scheduled this CA did it on Thanksgiving weekend. So all hope of going anywhere fun for a few days is shot to hell. Just another way the GB control peoples time and money. Instead of seeing my parents, I will be sitting on my a** for two days, listening to the same ol' crap. These guys can't even read their scripted talks well for the most part.

    The only bright side is that I may spot some hypocrisy to share with others. If my suffering helps just one person then it's worth the effort. I know why the caged bird sings..


  • KateWild


    I feel for you, you have helped me fly out the cage tonight, but you are staying inside with your wife who can't see she can fly out too. I am sorry you are trapped.

    I look forward to seeing your critical thinking on the talks.

    Kate xx

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    DD - We had our C.A. recently, and afterwards I mentioned to one or two that I thought it was strange that the new wooden Contribution Boxes were unmarked - nothing to identify it as donations for the C.A. or Worldwide Work. Additionally, I asked why we are asked to pay for the C.A. via donations (while we're attending) when all the Congregations in the Circuit have already contributed per publisher to pay for the event in advance from their congregation funds.

    Simply ask your beloved why the Witnessess have to pay TWICE for the one event.

    Also, why are contributions made from the heart, by Witnesses, for their Circuit needs, and then elders vote in secret to send a chunk of it to WTBTS?

    It's like contributing to a charity for the disaster in the Philipines, and they send a portion of your donation to the local Youth Club!

    Some might call it mis-direction of funds; others might not be so polite!

    P.S. The program was about the most boring non-event I've ever sat through. Just more mind-numbing repetition about loving the Org, obeying the Org, blah, blah......

  • Scott77
    The only bright side is that I may spot some hypocrisy to share with others. If my suffering helps just one person then it's worth the effort. I know why the caged bird sings..

    Hi DD,

    Ways to go If you can perhaps takes some photos, that would be appreciated. Please, be on lookout for topics on Education, GB/Organisation worship,Higher Education, and Anti- Apostate, bellicose statements. Also, Be on look out for young people's presence. Compare that to the adult population of attedence. I want to know if young people are less and less represented than the old guards. Do they have Ipads, Amazon kindle? Smart phones? This is important now that the Watchtower is promoting How many baptised?


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Every assembly needs a streaker, be one.

  • looter

    Your pain is identical to most. Getting through just sixty minutes of the rubbish is difficult. Can only imagine six full hours stacked on upon a chair listening to Meaningless rattle about the Russelites' pastorates and how to transform into one. It's like a part of you just doozes off. Make sure that you stay calm and assure yourself thaf everything is okay. Peace be with you.

  • leaving_quietly

    DD, I went recently...

    It's all the same ol', same ol'. Watch out for violent entertainment (even paintball is bad, apparently), materialism (even if you can afford nice things, you shouldn't buy them), dress / grooming (brothers, don't wear tight pants that show off your junk), and pride (don't let your ego prevent you from receiving your dose of counsel every now and then). Don't get a higher education. Pioneer more.

    Oddly, nothing about anything of depth or substance. It was a whole lot of DON'Ts. Remember, the theme is "God's Word is Beneficial", taken from 2 Tim 3:16,17. So, expect parts on "for teaching" (they conveniently left out James 3:1), "for reproving" (Meaning to prove again "re - prove", "for setting things straight" (I think this is where they talked about how bad tobacco is, but I can't recall exactly), "for disciplining". Mostly negative stuff.

    Here's a thought: "God's Word" is the Bible, according to WTS, right? Paul didn't have "the Bible" when he wrote those words to Timothy. What was God's word to him? (John 1:1; Rev 19:13)

  • stillin

    DD, Monday comes around awfully fast when your weekend has been spent at an assembly. I feel your pain. I take notes because my wife pokes me if I nap. Notes that I will never review; the purpose of taking them is only to stay awake.

    The superficial happiness is always a hoot. But then, I've become cynical and I wouldn't wish that on you. Who knows? Maybe they are actually happy...Ahhhh, I don't think so. They have to know, somewhere deep inside, that they have built their castle on sandy ground.

  • Daniel1555


    I also have to endure these boring 2 days this weekend. I will think of you when I m there.

  • NVR2L8

    The Searcher. ..

    I used to do the accounts until 4 years ago and I can't recall paying in advance for the SAD or CA. Is this a new arrangement? I remember the announcement saying that there is a deficit...then at the next assembly they say a $4000 surplus was sent to the WTS...

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