Turkey Talk

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  • crmsicl

    Well me and Ldrnomo are going to my sisters tomorrow. I am making gluten free pumpkin pie and for hors d vores I am making "Devil on Horseback" and Artichoke Hearts Gratin. All are pretty easy to make, the pie crust is store bought. I've never made the hors d vors before but they sound easy. I especially like the name Devil on Horseback. What it is: a date with a smoked almond in the center wrapped in a piece of bacon.

    It is so nice to be with my real family even though my married son will be with his wifes family for a "Feast". They will be eating turkey too just under a different name and without us. Oh well. It could be worse.

    I am so thankful to be free of the JW Cult and to have a family who was never in and was waiting for me with open arms.

  • Hortensia

    Have a lovely time!

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
  • designs

    Yum! We started out Turkey week on Monday, down to a nice soup now. My son brought by a custard-pumpkin pie yummmmm.

  • carla

    Have fun! My turkey is already in the oven and it smells like Thanksgiving!

  • LisaRose

    I am at my in laws. I made a gluten free Apple pie, I eat GF also. I didn't want to go as I have health issues that are flaring right now, it was a duty visit. The drive was long, hit heavy traffic, I thought we would never get here. Finally get in and my MIL serves spicy lasagna for dinner. Not only can I not eat noodles, but I can't have tomato sauce or anything spicy either, this was super spicy. I just ate the salad, and didn't say anything, but every one noticed I wasn't eating and then my MIL got offended, as if I was supposed to know her dinner plans. She brought it up three or four times. It's usually not a problem, I mentioned it last trip, but it didn't occur to me to say anything because usually she has meat. I said several times, no, it's OK, I am not hungry anyway. I am *starving*, plotting how long before they go to bed and I can sneak into the kitchen and forage. Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh, I hate family visits. It's not like I enjoy having to be on this diet, I have no choice, it stinks not being able to eat anything.

    Then my husband told my son and his wife he was going to order them a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. They didn't ask for it, it was his idea, but then he didn't do it, they had company and had planned on it, but now it's too late to order. Spent the night on the air mattress, which appears to have a slow leak, so not so comfy, basically I am on the floor.

    Happy Freakin Thanksgiving

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Tomorrow we're going to Pocohontas Pancakes

    They have gluten free breakfast with belgium waffles, pancakes, french toast or bagels

  • flipper

    CRMSICL- Have fun you and your hubby ! My wife and me and my son and his girlfriend are going over to my wife's parents house for Turkey day and my mother in law is an outstanding cook. My brother in law and his girlfriend will be there as well so it should be a nice time and delicious feast. Have a great Thanksgiving you two ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • crmsicl

    Have a great day to you all too.

    I feel for you Lisa. What a challange. I am making the GF pies because my brother is Celiac but GF food is really quite good. He's healthier because of it.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Enjoy your sister and the rest of your family! And keep in mind, considering the JW family into which he married, your son has made good progress in the last few years.

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