Rebranding, restyling and rewriting - the transformation of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply real estate laundering scam.

  • metatron

    OK, sure but it seems all too similar to what the Vatican is doing. They talk about 'new' and 'bold' and 'change' but it is all superficial.

    I still suspect that they may encounter a crisis if publishers become worthless in a practical sense. If they don't generate donations, what's the point?


  • KateWild

    Excellent post! Kate xx

  • AlphaMan
    AlphaMan real estate laundering scam.

    Maybe the Fed can get the Watchtower Society to use those idle presses to print money.

  • LV101

    Now that's funny, AlphaMan.

    Vidiot "authentic" transparency never gonna happen but do the witnesses even care.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I believe many of the changes the ORG is making and the many more to come as a result will be too much for a lot of people.

    It seems to me that many of the old timers are questioning how the old way can be wrong when it was Holy Spirit directed. They banked everything on the old understandings, and they have gotten out of it is..............OLD. Or, dead. That is NOT what they were promised by the Spirit-Directed Organization.


  • snare&racket

    I figured this was the plan when they opened the shop in France, it looked too professional for Watchtower (always look 20yrs behind) and so i assumed they had hired a PR or brand company. That led me to expect a new branding and we have all seen it, fresh new JW.ORG

    At the time I suggested we tag all our threads and posts AND EVERYONE RUNNING SITES with 'JW.ORG' as they are trying to shake off google search results in my humble opinion.... by simple tagging everything with JW,org we can get that page result right under the JW advertised result :/

    Snare x


  • clarity

    Snare ... great idea!

  • factfinder

    Will The Watchtower magazine be morphing into JW Magazine?

  • steve2

    Well if its good enough for the Pope to bring in some smoothing-over changes, who are the GB to refuse? The all-round question will be whether the re-branding invigorates this increasingly anachronistic Millerite leftover from the 1870s. Whilst the ant-like workers and observers of the organization may sweat over the putative significance of the re-branding, the larger - nay, much, much, much, much larger world whizzes right passed and is already onto the next best thing. The Old Boy's facelift and chin tuck are yesterday's back page news. Oh, I do love all the nice pictures in the magazines. Next.

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