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  • molybdenum

    This is what is written in the Jan 2014 WT article

    Let Your Kingdom Come”—But When?

    In his detailed prophecy about the conclusion of this system of things, Jesus said: “This generation will by no means pass away until all these things happen.” (Read Matthew 24:33-35.) We understand that in mentioning “this generation,” Jesus was referring to two groups of anointed Christians. The first group was on hand in 1914, and they readily discerned the sign of Christ’s presence in that year. Those who made up this group were not merely alive in 1914, but they were spirit-anointed as sons of God in or before that year.—Rom. 8:14-17.

    16 The second group included in “this generation” are anointed contemporaries of the first group. They were not simply alive during the lifetime of those in the first group, but they were anointed with holy spirit during the time that those of the first group were still on earth. Thus, not every anointed person today is included in “this generation” of whom Jesus spoke. Today, those in this second group are themselves advancing in years. Yet, Jesus’ words at Matthew 24:34 give us confidence that at least some of “this generation will by no means pass away” before seeing the start of the great tribulation. This should add to our conviction that little time remains before the King of God’s Kingdom acts to destroy the wicked and usher in a righteous new world.—2 Pet. 3:13.

    I can't help thinking that this resembles an old Marx brothers skit "The Contract"

    Surely is insanity.

  • Elijehovah

    I dont think you can criticize any religion at all for reading the words of Jesus referring to a generation and then having opinion or conversation about the words chosen to say it. The WT didnt say generation, Jesus says it, and it can be taken many ways. So it doesnt make much sense to see a quibble as if those finding fault are worse than those who created the fault. BOTH sides turn out to be equally petty. And petty always is ruinous from either side's viewpoint or claims.

    My preference is to the belief that Obama will announce an asteroid before 2014 because it will be 100 years, a generation easily for the firts 144,000 ever written in history, Peleg's generation who died in 2030bc and the cuneiform tablets says they numbered as 144,000 men (elders / kings), and then says after Sargon "Just who is king, And who is NOT king?". No one had the same definition. This is what proves that Reu was the first king not Nimrod because Peleg had put him over men who were older than himself. Nimrod telling Peleg what to do at Babel was justifiable on two counts; he was a year older than Peleg, and both Eber and his son Peleg lived in the city of Kish (belonging to Nimrod's father Cush). And it would seem that building the observatory (Babel) next to Kish was Nimrod telling Peleg what to do, not telling Eber what to do. or do you presume Eber told his son that you do not have to do what Nimrod tells you, go and leave, and go build your own city. (Ur) All evidence indicates though that although Peleg divided and dispersed from Babel bringing many with him, that it is UR that is THE CITY that dispersed around the world. The HYKSOS left Ur and joined the Hittites to enter Egypt to build Memphis the year Peleg died. The next year, the Chinese family under Reu (Yu The Great) left 1st dynasty UR's fall with Mayans after the shock of the 74-man suicide of 2029bc to go build Mari Syria until taken by Babylon's Hamurabi in 1762bc captive until 1625bc. The destruction of UR in 1900bc is the Hindu family migration to discover India. And those of that family who chose north to Babylon then made flight and pilgramage in 1625bc, bringing the formerly captive Chinese family and Mayan family with them. So THIS GENERATION that dispersed and divided and fled and received tribulation is not seen by the WATCHTOWER because their sources of truth are all from the evangelical Christendom, i would not expect them to understand nor see truth then, since i have it here, and they dont, because theirs is from Christendom. BUT i am confused over which Christendom they feel they are not a part of. The MAINSTREAM MOTHER of Catholcism and Protestants and Lutherans and Anglicans are all called mother whore in paganism, yet the daughter evangelical churches are the ones who many have quit holidays stating they are pagan and giving these sources to the WT to agree with them. How does the WT get truth from pagan Christendom's daughter who if mother church is whore, then let us ask is daughter whore washed clean? Rather let me point out that Noah died on Christmas 2021bc Dec 25, and Nimrod died on 1770bc April 22. So that 1770bc Dec 25 honors Noah not Nimrod. But that Nimrod born (100 after Noah's 40-day rapture of the ark as his baptismal death thru Flood 2370bc) in 2270bc who died at 500 in Year 600 (after Noah) Flood 2370-1770bc, is claimed in Assyrian and Greek chronologies to have died in Year 950 (Flood 2970-2021bc and Flood 2958-2009bc) so that he was born (those 100 years after Noah's rapture of death Year 350) in Year 450 to live 500 years to Year 950 which is still 600 after Noah (40-day rapture at death). Thus before Nimrod was claimed to have died the year of Marduk Street (2009bc), he was claimed to have died Dec 25 Christmas 2021bc which is Noah's memorial, not Nimrod's. This means WatchTowerdom has accepted the gossip of Christian churches in fabricating what was pagan and where it came from. Sad, very sad. Because they dont let go of the lies they've been shown for 30 years now. In 1985 they were told Xisuthros is not Noah, which is as important as proclaiming from the roofs that the witch of Endor did not speak to Samuel's ghost.

  • TD

    I dont think you can criticize any religion at all for reading the words of Jesus referring to a generation and then having opinion or conversation about the words chosen to say it.

    Unless of course said opinions and conversations violate rules of grammar and/or that religion's own theology and interpretational methods. The current JW teaching does both.

  • Listener

    They forgot the 'sanity' clause in that article.

    Their definition of the term generation shows how the JW religion will make up anything just to fit in with it's own made up timetables.

    If anyone thinks this is a petty issue then they just can't see the bigger picture. It really demonstrates just how gullible the average JW is if they swallow this rubbish.

  • NewYork44M

    This should add to our conviction that little time remains before the King of God’s Kingdom acts to destroy the wicked and usher in a righteous new world.

    How can they say this with a straight face. Unbelievable.

  • NVR2L8

    Eliejehovah....Jesus' words were addressed to his apostles and it's preposterous for anyone to speculate that these words have a special meaning for an overlapping generation 2000 years later. Jesus' words were fulfilled 37 years later when Jerusalem was destroyed...within the generation of those he spoke to.

  • Elijehovah

    The phrase petty was carefully selected to refer to both sides. Petty picking at petty, not referring to the knowledge nor to the topic, but to the motives behind both sides. The WT writes it just as pretense to know all things and claim to be up on it when there are changes. This is petty motive to be writing articles wading around in the milk and never passing out the meat to chew. And then those who dig thru the WT lame sacrifice to jehova God in such shallow explanation are likewise making petty quibble of information that is lame to begin with. Myself, i dont spend 50 years arguing trinity of God because to me that is passing out milk to have more babies, when the babes brought in are now time to grow up. You dont feed your teens milk because you still have toddlers in the house. NOR do you merely invite your teens to drop the milk and have a steak or a beer as a reaching opportunity to grow up if they wish to. Scriptures are quite clear stompning the foot and wacking the hand saying HEY GROW UP. GET OFF THE MILK.

  • Elijehovah

    NVR2L8, you are not God, you do not define when or when not things were fulfilled. Do tell me because I know this fact. That in 70 AD there were already Greek Christians of Greece and Asia who do not go to Jerusalem for Jewish Passover. Christian or not, their life was not threatened by your 37 years when it came. And none of them fled to any mountains because only JEWISH CHRISTIANS fled out of Jerusalem to Pella. Only an atheist would say that the end of the world was fulfiled for Jews only by destroying Jerusalem. There are 1000s of religions around the world all descent from Noah, and they all await an end of the world whose answers came from Jesus before he died. I reject your claim that nothing he said applies to now. To the contrary, it is written that as you saw him come and go is how you will see him come and go the next time. It is not about clouds, or raptures, or announcements or angels; it is about what the whole 33 years was, and will be again. The churches are drunk in the doctrine that all the bad people will see them rise up to heaven. They love this because they do not want to go invisibly in rapture, they wish to boast, here i go, all the rest ofyou are damned now. BUT i say to you from God's truth that dead Jesus appearedin flesh not to Herod, not to Pontius, not to Roman soldiers to say dont blame yourselves, but only to those he had already gathered. WHO of you will rise in rapture and then appear to your beloved ones in locked rooms and tell them to rejoice and grab salvation because the rapture happened and only the one about to be saved are now seeing it by their 40-day visit in the flesh. I think you cannot speak for God and say what was fulfilled so that it doesnt happen again. From my experience with the Almighty God of all creation he freezes water everytime it is cold enough, and every time i choose to freeze it. He has not changed. He does it again. He doesnt say i already fulfilled making water solid hard.

  • Crazyguy

    With that line of thinking and explanation they can continue this with a 3 and then a 4 part of this generation as long as people are stupid enough to follow along. What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve2

    What is that awful, awful piercing whip-lash sound?!

    Its f*kg deafening, man! Uh-oh!

    The elasticity in the new overlapping generation doctrine has just exceeded safe stretch limits - and has dangerously snapped right in two!

    Oh My Jehovah God: The GBs pants have all fallen right down! The eight emperors now have no clothes on: Shocking! Indecent! Mirth-provoking! Marx Brother-ish!

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