A very nice JW tried to give me a pamphlet today at my door

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  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    I'm so happy that they came while I was home, and I was prepared for the knock on my door.

    I greeted a very nice JW lady on my doorstep. She wanted to give me a pamphlet about whether the dead will live again. As soon as she pulled it out of her folder, I clasped my hands behind my back and smiled politely.

    She opened the pamphlet and pointed to one of the verses that was quoted about being resurrected on earth. I nodded and listened to her for a minute or two. She didn't seem to be in a big hurry, so I let her use up some time on me.

    We hopped to a couple of different topics. I'm still not good at keeping myself focused, let alone trying to stay on a single topic with a JW. I told her I am a bible student myself, and gave her a quick overview of my history with the JW's. (studied for long time, but didn't join. My parents did, and now our family is divided).

    She insisted on the belief that Jehovah needs an organization on earth. I asked her where that was in the Bible. She showed me some verses about gathering together. I didn't push that issue, because I had something more pertinent to what she was doing today. She was out on her campaign, trying to get these pamphlets dropped at every house, and keeping track of each one placed. I asked her to look something up in the bible for me at Matthew 6:1-4. Do not practice your righteousness in front of men to be recognized by them.

    I asked her why do you write it all down on a card and turn it into your organization each month? She denied that had anything to do with what Jesus said. We talked a little bit about it. It is pretty cold out there, and I was shivering on my doorstep. She mentioned that her daughter was a pioneer. I asked her what would happen if you told them you weren't going to turn in a time card this month. She had no answer, then she shook her head and looked confused, like what does that matter? This is what we do to show our love for Jehovah. I again questioned the cards that men keep on file, recording your work each month.

    She offered me a chance to restart my bible study. I said I might.

    She offered me the pamphlet again.

    I told her I would let her get her reward in secret for this one. "Jehovah saw you reading the Bible with me. You don't need to add another mark to your card for giving me the pamphlet. That card is a record of your work, so men can keep track of you."

    I told her she was welcome to come back anytime. I hope she does.

    I made some mistakes, but I think I may have planted a seed in her mind. So instead of a little tally mark on her time card for placing a magazine, she got a question she couldn't answer. :)

  • jgnat

    Poor lady. I think you did good.

  • steve2

    You spoke up - well done! You may well have planted a seed. On the other hand, from her perspective, she may be pleased that you expressed a possibility of restarting your bible study. That would be an air-punch moment for her!

    I'm wondering also that she may have thought you made too much out of small things such as organizational practices around reporting time. JWs have a huge level of tolerance for the many requirements of their organization - and even admire those requirements even if they cannot well defend them.

    I do hope you ruffled her feathers though!

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Faithful Witness, I'm glad that you had the courage, patience, and love to plant a seed of doubt in a JW. You could have really made her day by inviting her in for a cup of tea and cookies to prevent her from placing more propaganda.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    If she comes back, I will make refreshments. 2 days before Thanksgiving, and a house in chaos, was really an inconvenient time for me.

    It is almost spooky, the timing that they have with me. I was just this morning, telling my husband I need to stop thinking so much about the JW's. I have so many other things to worry about in my OWN life... they keep getting sent to my door at the most inopportune times!

    I definitely made some mistakes, but I did much better than I did with the last guy. I don't mind her thinking it was a success for her. It was a pleasure to meet her, and I hope she will come back. I have a lot of questions. 8-)

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    She told me her pioneer daughter does 70 hours a month !?!?

  • LV101

    I love the part "That card is a record of your work, so men can keep track of you." I'd sure like to repeat that to a couple of witnesses. I wonder how many witnesses learn the truth about the cult doing door to door.

  • smiddy

    She told me her pioneer daughter does 70 hours a month !?!?

    That alone could be a good topic for discussion if she ever comes back .Why did she tell you that ? is it supposed to impress you ? Didnt jesus have something to say about bragging about your acheivements ? Where in the christian greek scriptures is the basis for reporting your preaching activity ? to anybody ?


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    SMIDDY - The standard answer will be that all the disciples came back from their first preaching assignment and reported all the details to Christ.

    It doesn't justify monthly reports - but it's a straw to clutch at!

  • factfinder


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