2013-Apostates are Antichrist!

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  • Fernando

    FrankieGoesToHollywood, whilst the GB will not admit it they have seated themselves in the seat of Moses (mediator).

    Their publications have advised the R&F that Jesus is not their mediator.

    Several decades ago we were told to stop ending our prayers with "in the name of our mediator Jesus".

    *** w53 5/15 p. 293 Watch Out for the Pharisees! ***

    “THEN Jesus spoke to the crowds and to his disciples, saying: ‘The scribes and the Pharisees have seated themselves in the seat of Moses. Therefore all the things they tell you, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds, for they say but do not perform.’”—Matt. 23:1-3, NW.

    These words of Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Prophet of whom Moses spoke, clearly identify the Pharisees as men who had taken authority to themselves.

  • Fernando

    The (real) truth remains important to me.

    I cannot accept false definitions of what an apostate is.

    Apostasy is "spiritual unfaithfulness".

    The Watchtower by claiming a relationship with the "God of Abraham" whilst prostituting itself with the "god of religion" is GUILTY.

    It is no accident the so called "publishers of the Good News" are ignorant of the "Good News" according to Paul, Moses, Isaiah and Psalms. It simply is not in their hearts or on their lips.

    The are simply too busy lusting after the "god of religion" and his VISIBLE golden calf the WBTS.

  • DesirousOfChange

    According to Google Maps:

    At this address: Blue Phoenix Window CleaningCamden PlaceMediterranean FoodT M Seafood Sales ConsultingUnlimited Provision‎ Perhaps a mailbox store? Doc


    This sounds like an un-official site, not sanctioned by the WTBTS. There are lots of buzz-words and cult-terms. Underlining and bold text added:

    Although there has been much effort in the past to identify “the antichrist” with an individual, such as Pompey, Nero, or Muhammad (this latter person being suggested by Pope Innocent III in 1213 C.E.), or with a specific organization, as in the Protestant view of “the antichrist” as applying to the papacy, John’s inspired statements show the term to be broad in its application, embracing all those who deny that “Jesus is the Christ,” and who deny that Jesus is the Son of God who came “in the flesh.” [ This is interesting. Jesus said that he would would return in the exact same manner in wich he left. He was with his disciples, he was taken up into the air and then he disappeared from their view. A reasonable person would expect the return to happen in the reverse order. Yet the WTBTS teach that Jesus will not return in the flesh, but invisibly. If there is a second coming, then it would mirror the first. Saying that Jesus meant something other than what he said makes anyone saying it anti-Christ.] —1Jo 2:22; 4:2, 3; 2Jo 7, NE, NIV; compare Joh 8:42, 48, 49; 9:22.

    Denial of Jesus as the Christ and as the Son of God of necessity embraces the denial of any or all of the Scriptural teachings concerning him:[ According to which religion, JWs? ] his origin, his place in God’s arrangement, his fulfillment of the prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures as the promised Messiah, his ministry and teachings and prophecies, as well as any opposition to or efforts to replace him in his position as God’s appointed High Priest and King. This is evident from other texts, which, while not using the term “antichrist,” express essentially the same idea. Thus, Jesus stated: “He that is not on my side is against me, and he that does not gather with me scatters.” (Lu 11:23) Second John 7 shows that such ones might act as deceivers, and hence the “antichrist” would include those who are “false Christs” and “false prophets,” [ Like claiming to speak for GOD, and nothing you say comes true without constant "adjustments" and new truths??] as well as those who perform powerful works [ Billions of hours D2D, just to make a disciple of the GB? ] in Jesus’ name and yet are classed by him as “workers of lawlessness.”—Mt 24:24; 7:15, 22, 23.

    In view of Jesus’ rule that what is done to his true followers [ JWs??] is done to him (Mt 25:40, 45; Ac 9:5), the term must include those who persecute such ones, which means it would include the symbolic “Babylon the Great” and those described as the “evil slave” [ I thought this was hypothetical??] in Jesus’ parable.—Lu 21:12; Re 17:5, 6; Mt 24:48-51.

    John specifically mentions apostates as among those of the antichrist by referring to those who “went out from us,” abandoning the Christian congregation. [ Christian Congregation= 1st century church/body of Christ/all going to heaven. ] (1Jo 2:18, 19) It therefore includes “the man of lawlessness” or “son of destruction” described by Paul, as well as the “false teachers” Peter denounces for forming destructive sects and who “disown even the owner that bought them.”—2Th 2:3-5; 2Pe 2:1;
    Kingdoms, nations, and organizations are similarly shown to be part of the antichrist in the symbolic description at Revelation 17:8-15; 19:19-21.—Compare Ps 2:1, 2.
    In all the above cases those composing the antichrist are shown to be headed for eventual destruction as a recompense for their opposing course.

    Some of the things written here don't add up. Some do not match the WTBTS's "official" policy on the anti-christ. They have some articles coming up where they use the phrase " false apostles " instead of apostates. There has been a lot of talk about praying for your enemies. An upcoming CA may have a part about this. The feeling that I get is that they are trying to insulate themselves from the fallout of last years " Apostate" hate-speech filled rant at the DC. They want a better public image. They had some problems because of their hate-speech and that does not help their re-branding of the ORG. We also have an audio file of a CO telling people NOT to label others as apostates.

    So outwardly, I believe they are trying to appear more loving and more modern. The Youtube film doesn't sound "official", although I agree that it does sound like the WTBTS. They really do think that anyone who doesn't buy their brand is an apostate and anti-christ, they just don't want to say it out loud. They can use "brazen conduct" in the back room kangaroo court, and still accomplish their goals.


  • wasblind

    LOL. Thier own Bible describes the WTS as the Antichrist through the words of Paul

    Philippians 3:18 " For there are many, I used to mention them often but now I mention them also with weeping, who are walking as the enemies of the torture stake of the Christ. "____NWT



    Jehovah Witnesses shun the cross as if they were Vampires


  • Oubliette

    I don't know who "klderz" is, but this is obviously not an officially sactioned product of the WTBTS.

  • AlphaMan

    The Watchtower labeling anyone an apostate is utter ridiculous. The whole idea of the Watchtower being God's organization on earth, and the Jehovah Witness religion being his chosen people is bat-shit crazy talk.

  • rebel8

    Well it beats being your run-of-the-mill shunned person.

    I mean, now we have supernatural powers! I know they want dubs to stay away from us, but the more they demonize us, the dubs just shudder, as though we are a powerful demon. I'm betting that is going to be counterproductive...if they are so afraid, then their faith in jehoopla can't be that strong...

  • BluesBrother

    Nothing new to label us as The Antichrist - The Reasoning book says , Page 33:

    Some of those identified as antichrist—

    Persons who deny that Jesus is truly the Messiah

    1 John 2:22: “Who is the liar if it is not the one that denies that Jesus is the Christ [or, Messiah, anointed one]? This is the antichrist.”
    All who deny that Jesus is the unique Son of God
    1 John 2:22: “This is the antichrist, the one that denies the Father and the Son.”
    Compare John 10:36; Luke 9:35.

    1 John 2:18, 19: “There have come to be many antichrists . . . They went out from us, but they were not of our sort.”

    Those who oppose Christ’s true followers
    John 15:20, 21: “If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you also . . . But they will do all these things against you on account of my name.”

    Individuals and nations that oppose Christ as King or that themselves falsely claim the Messianic role
    Ps. 2:2: “The kings of earth take their stand and high officials themselves have massed together as one against Jehovah and against his anointed one [Christ, or Messiah].”
    See also Revelation 17:3, 12-14; 19:11-21.

    Matt. 24:24: “False Christs and false prophets will arise and will give great signs and wonders so as to mislead, if possible, even the chosen ones.”

  • rebel8

    According to Google Maps:

    At this address: Blue Phoenix Window Cleaning

    Wait a minute. Am I understanding this correctly? The people distributing this piece of Fake/New Light have an address shared with a window cleaning service? And we think this is not a jw?

    I didn't know any non-jws actually ran window cleaning services.

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