People in all religions see God's hand in things

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  • stillin

    Not a very shocking headline, but it's true. The Witnesses are always pointing at things and attributing them to Jehovah's direction. Every religion in the world does that.

    Witness company last night has simply fried my brain, if you are thinking I sound like a simpleton.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Everything good (raise in pay, new job, getting married, pioneering, new bible study, $60.00 dollars in tips when you need $60.00 to pay the rent, etc.) is the blessing of Jehovah. The angels are directing these good things. When a family gets slaughtered in Mexico, I guess Jehovah and the angels were too busy blessing other JW's to notice the problems in Mexico.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Yes, and JWs attribute whatever choices THEY MAKE to being Jehovah's direction.

    A local couple here (Midwest USA) are planning to move to Central America to be "need greaters".

    They have little in assets; have had difficulty finding employment here; speak and read ONLY English; have a high school age son (home-schooled).

    Around every bend, they see Jehovah's Hand directing this decision.


    I guess when friends have to send them air tickets to come home that will be Jehovah's Hand as well.


  • Lied2NoMore

    When people spout off about "Jehovah's hand" helping this or maneuvering that, I am going to let them know that Jehovah's hand was instrumental in getting my backside wiped once again......see how hard their jaw hits the floor....

  • OnTheWayOut

    Heck, there's people here that see God's hand in making sure the dog is fed.
    There's people here who were so sure that they could "hear" from the Almighty that they convinced themselves that God or Jesus guides their own decisions via "voice" or other senses.

    God causes everything good and cannot be blamed for anything bad. God is only beneficial and any inaction is trivialized.

  • LucidChimp

    Thank him for the good stuff and you have to blame him for the bad.

    Remember this image

  • zeb

    ....and what of the jw who were killed seeking shelter in the kh in Phillipines.

    and Stillin: i ever found it tragic that witness conversation is superficial. I didnt expect conversation to be heavy world scenes analysis but there is no discussion of anything as this is an exchange of ideas. There is only bland and thereby safe superficial mini statements. I can not recall a male with a serious hobby/shed interest.

    Believe in freedom of speech? Jw do not at all as they never use it.

  • adamah

    Zeb asked-

    and what of the jw who were killed seeking shelter in the kh in Phillipines.

    JW decision tree:

    Is it a:

    a) good thing ⟶ Jehovah Dun It!


    b) bad thing ⟶ Satan Dun It!

    JWs killed in PI bad thing, so b) Satan Dun It!

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