The Right Religion Demonstrates True Faith In Jesus Christ

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    Are you the one on this where someone said, my GF has a talk tonight ?...He added a few things...if it is...& copied & pasted it to a word document to make a copy...I read it to a sistet to say...I was practicing...she couldn't really say anything...Glad it went well...

    Once a sister said, reason why people think witnesses don't believe in Jesus is because they say Jehovah all the time, but we do imitate him.

    Again, glad it went well...I hope you did wake some of them up...but as I said all over this forum, you are not fighting doctrine, you are fighting the fact they are addicted to the fact that it is God's if anyone can disprove that that's a miracle...


  • adamah

    Pronomo said- Thanks to you all, I nailed it, and the School Overseer even said it was great and that he was having to nitpick to find something to counsel me on.

    The problem is, JWs don't do subtle or read sub-text. And if the SO gave you praise, it means you failed in preaching TTATT, since the SO likely was one of the few paying close attention (the rest of the audience were daydreaming, thinking about what they're going to do after meeting, etc, just like you do when you're sitting in the audience).

    Pronomo said- I don't want to be hypocritical by recommending this as what faith in Jesus involves, epecially when I know it to be wrong.

    If you don't want to be hypocritical, a GREAT PLACE to start would be to quit!

    I understand you want to alleviate a guilty conscience for being a JW who repeats the BS propaganda while knowing TTATT, but YOU are going to have to put your money where your mouth is and vote with your feet, fleeing to save yourself and others.

    Thousands of others before you have done so, and you can, too, but ONLY if you manage to work up the courage to vote with your feet.


  • leaving_quietly

    Glad it went well. Did you record it? Would love to have heard it. My son had this same talk. At the dinner table, I asked him how he was going to approach it, and the usual stuff came out. I proceeded, tactfully and gently to ask him what the verses before and after that said, and he said he didn't know. I mentioned Rahab, and asked if her works included preaching. He said no. I said, right... she was hospitable toward the messengers. That was an act of faith. I then said he should read chapter 3 of James because the letter itself didn't have chapters and verses when it was penned, so it was simply a continuation of thought.

    Too bad, though... he didn't get it... didn't want to. My wife, either. Really, when one has something drilled into their minds their entire life, it's so hard to get it out. And it's hard to talk about TTATT at home without being confrontational, so... just baby steps, I guess.

  • Crazyguy

    In ephians Paul talks of faith is not by works so as to not be boasting, you should bring this up, then mention where jesus said not to be calling one titles then you could ask are we boasting? Pioneers, special pioneers, elders, ect.

  • pronomono

    Legacy, I'm not the one who said my GF had the talk. This one was all me.

    Leaving_Quietly, It's easy to miss the point. I sure did until I really started reading it after your suggestion, viewing the context around the scripture instead of what we've been told. Us JWs aren't taught to be contextual readers. Unfortunately, I didn't record the talk, though.

    Adamah, time. I will quit when the time is right. Maybe the time will never be right, especially with friends and family in that I don't want to lose right now. Being subtle can go a long way given the time to develop. Advertisement has been doing this for years with subliminal messages. Have a hidden meaning or a subtle suggestion that makes people believe this is how they felt all along. Who says that we can't introduce this into the congregation and have a slow change from the bottom-out, or hopefully but less likely bottom-up.

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