BESTSELLERS--who actually buys these things?

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  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Last night, I finally purchased your book, Terry. I'm old school ( like to hold a book in my hands), but, I got the ebook!! Figured it was time to join the 21st century.

    BTW- Terry, I'm glad you started this thread because I didn't realize its been about 2 months since the release of your book.

    I will leave a review on Amazon when I'm finished reading your book.

    (OTWO was only kidding with you. He also has a book!!)

  • LV101

    Violia - agree with you about Charles Krauthammer. He's definitely moderate and very interesting.

    Going to have to get Terry's ebook and get over my real book preferences.

  • Terry

    Krauthammer is an interesting fellow for many reasons. Mostly, I get the idea he is an original thinker. That seems to be

    really rare these days.

    Thanks to all who have purchased my book.

    I endeavored to make it something quite different in many ways from the usual ex-JW writing.

    Leaving a review on Amazon is much appreciated by me!

    I've been reading alot of biographies lately.

    The most interesting has been the Johnny Carson bio by his former attorney, Bombastic Bushkin.

    Oh, and I'm a huge Lee Child (Jack Reacher) fan.

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