Are Most of the Witnesses That You Know Of Die Hard JWs?

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  • minimus

    Doc, that's really what you call, going thru the motions!

  • LucidChimp

    I always loved hearing dubs say "Ooh, I'm knackered" as a kid. My nan was a stickler for her dictionary and had told me not to say that as it meant "sexually exhausted".

    No idea what a knacker is though... but I bet he has fun!

  • will-be-apostate

    I also know some that are very die hard jws when it is about manners and morality but in the meantime they go out in field service like 1 times a month. This is a deffinition of hypocrizy, I think.

  • tornapart

    The ones I see just seem to be totally weary, trying their best but never feeling good enough. They don't feel there's anywhere else to go.

    Btw.. a knacker's yard is where dead horses end up for dog meat.

    There is another usage for the word but I don't think it's relevant here. And I'm not going to say... LOL

  • minimus

    I looked up what a knacker meant/

  • will-be-apostate

    So according to google translate knacker is a person who skin (or flay, not sure which one they use) dead animals.

  • Podobear

    Minimus! Me 'ol china... "I'm knackered" is (particularly) a London expression... meaning "I am tired" (beyond exhaustion). The Knackers Yard is where they took the old 'orses to render them down.

    As a kid, my JW Elder father, slapped me round the back of the neck when I used the expression. For him, as a dock worker, it was beyond the "bloodys" and "shits" and was more in line with the f***s and c***s. A regional thing I guess.

    I am a true blue Cockney 'fellah... not quite barrow boy... but will give you a complete run for yer money in the East End. Even the ATMs on the bank walls will offer yer a Ton or a Pony, me 'ol Son.... then you can come with me for a plate of Jellied Eels wiv some Pie 'n Mash.

    BTW, I f***ed off years ago... but I still luv me 'ol man. At 85 he, and the Golden Oldies still tread the streets wiv the same enthusiasm and clock up the hours. Why should I change his view on life now...

    There woz a group of 'em in the London Royal Albert docks in the '60's who put their balls on the chopping block for standing up to their new found faith. It was the Divine name that did it... chalked over the dockside sheds.. and the interested few, put their collars up, fags in mouth.. and started to read. Dad was the 1st JW in the UK to have a copy of the book "The Truth that Leads to Eternal Life".. nicked, of course.. and put under oath from HQ not to breathe a word. It sat at home, and I didn't even notice it til after the District Assembly. There started my trail, my enthusiasm and disillusionment.

    Sorry for the London speak, minimus, I am a COCKNEY and proud of it, guv. Cock's eggs were rare in Shakespearean times.

    Any old Iron out there?

  • minimus

    Wow, Podo, I had a hard time getting all that.

  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar

    I haven't seen a "die hard" witness in the past 8-10 years in my area. I see a few "robots" around, but most of the members are just good people who are hanging on by a thread. I sense that the vast majority of them know whats going on and are fed up to some extent. Quite a few Sisters have told me of their displeasure. They just keep hanging on for various reasons. Quite a few of the men refuse to serve, and a rising percentage aren't in the school anylonger. The women seem to put up with it better and longer.

  • minimus

    The zeal is gone but the automation continues.

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