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  • EdenOne

    cognac, that's a possibility that I pondered. And in fact, I'm prepared to assume.

    jgnat, that would be a good idea, but JW's are too afraid to even discuss these topics between themselves, even if they agree or lean towards this opinion. The fear of snitching is just too great. That wouldn't work, unless we could gather signatures from active witnesses from a forum like this, all of them under anonimity. But I don't think that would be taken any more seriously than a single Witness writing to them, so I wonder if that would be worth the effort.


  • jgnat

    I'm thinking a group of a hundred internet JW's who have already mentally exited.

    You are not going to get anonymity.

    The large bureaucracies I have worked for do care about letter writing campaigns. Even reactive agencies sit up and take notice of trends.

  • ABibleStudent

    EdenOne - You presume I want to leave the Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't, unless I absolutely must. I would rather do something to promote changes.

    Hi EdenOne, Why do you presume that I presume you would want to leave the WTBTS? Would you be afraid of the WTBTS's response if you would not be shunned by JW family and friends? If you helped your JW family and friends to critcally think for themselves, would you be leaving the WTBTS?

    Being unafraid of the WTBTS's response does not mean that you leave the WTBTS.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • adamah

    Eden said-

    Heck, they may even claim they had "new light" about the matter. I don't really care how that might be presented - but I would like that to change.

    Holy hell, dude: so you mean even if you KNEW they are scammers and poseurs by claiming to serve as God's channel by accepting your unsolicited advice, and thus you'd have first-hand knowledge that they're making it up as they go along, you'd STILL be OK with that?

    Unless you actually are deluded enough to believe that YOU have been chosen by Jehovah to serve as his mouthpiece (ALA TEC with her Jesus voice-hearing claim), and these other men on the GB are in the mood to accept applications for their jobs, or are looking for new talent who can join their team?

    Bud, THAT'S the entire POINT, and the very dynamic which drives formation of the GB: you, like any other faithful deluded male serving in a leadership capacity in the JWs, fantasizes of being a policy setter, a 'big dog' who gets a shot at calling the shots of how the WT operates, and you even may be an idealist who thinks you can change things for the better from within. It's exactly your thinking which explains WHY the GB and JWs persist as a viable organization.

    Problem is, you seem not to have gotten the memo that the JW organization only promote people and ideas which come from within their ranks: you seem to have missed that crucial point, since you are no exception. Eden is expected to learn to play the game and work your way 'to the top', just like all the other working stiffs serving as elders, COs, POs, etc, who attain for the same desirable position by working up thru the ranks of JW power structure to 'make a name for themselves', successfully navigating the charade by demonstrating they can play the role as a humble servant of Jehovah. THAT'S the unwritten rule, and surely you understand that?

    The greatest crime of all is SPEAKING that's how the system operates, since it's PROOF that the individual is not, as the name says, "discreet". They're a blabbermouth, and allow their egos to drive them to say words they cannot take back.

    Just like many others who are competing for the same, you've likely already eliminated yourself from the running (whether you realize it or not): they don't accept applications or unsolicited ideas (although as in the case of Cofty, they may seemingly take the idea and use it later, but would they ACKNOWLEDGE it? Hell no!).

    I suspect you're looking for validation or an 'atta boy' from the GB, but don't hold your breath, as that's just not how the JW game is played: in fact, you are an apostate who's violating GB policy by running your website, and that's MAJOR dirt on you, a skeleton in your closet, that would expose the GB's scam if you ever should try to 'go straight'. In fact, JWN members would be dancing in the streets if it came out that EdenOne managed to become a GB member, since it would be a MAJOR embarrassment to the JW GB and further proof of the power scam (akin to Ray Franz' defection).


  • EdenOne


    Luckily I haven't send in my application and resume to become the 9th member of the GB. Whew! Glad you stopped me on my tracks.


  • Over%forme

    Can you make up a name

    and give GEN. Delivery as Adress?

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    I agree with everyone else's comment.

    The procedure for a letter to Bethel is quite simple. Goes to a mail clearing house. Sorted through to which department. If it does not specifically state which department, then someone opens it up, starts to skim through it, identifies where it should go and forwards it. If it is committee related, it will go to the service desk, someone will open it and decide how it should be handled. Typically, it will be pushed aside if it is simply a letter trying to address some mistake of the organization. Typically, it will NEVER get to the GB even if you addressed it to them personally. The service desk, if the letter is perceived "apostate" or "contrary" will flag it for follow up NOT to the individual, but to his/her elder body to determine if the person should be dealt with and how.

    So, I applaud your desire to make your position known, but the hierarchy is well defended from the laymen.

    just a thought,


  • EdenOne

    Useful insight, SoP, thanks.


  • anonymouz

    As Jehovah's witnesses became experts at types and repeating patterns that defined our religion by insightful former Bible students in the lead of theological insight (and open mindedness to adjust as needed), based on these recurring patterns of judgment in Israel, Jerusalem and Christendom from where the IBSA sprung, JWs are now backward and insightless concerning the final replication of Christendom's own corruption type that is now centered at Bethel in revisited form (2Thess2:1-4) as the GB is little more than a collective papal body. The entire clergy and laity classes are also invisibly present in JWs, the "lawless one" is also "lords of the faith", the foundational truths are being demolished (like GB=FDS) rather than reinforced to further JW understanding of historic and prophetic repeats, JWs are spiritually polluted and it is terminal. (Zech3:1-3; Rev8:10-12).

    But as per pattern, JWs deny all this.

    In other words JWs are heading for a judgment first (1Pet4:17) upon the exact same road, the same principle, the same pattern, the same prophecy, as all those they preach about who fell into organized apostasy just like JWs have now; (Dan11:32a; 2Thess2:3 - Hosea, Micah, Isaiah whole books). Except in like manner to the very patterns prior to JWs, taught by JWs, formerly recognized by JWs, JWs are now the ones fully blinded, in denial and the matter is made worse by being misled by the leaders erred direction, again, of what is now an installed cult and override that follows personalities of men, and distracts from the very essence of faith in God and Christ, and diminishes any true faith in sacrificial based undeserved kindness by works of men, in performance and counts, traditions and delusions of a former JW approved ministry of the distant 1930s and 1940s parroted over and over as if the valid past can cover the invalid JW present.

    The Pharisee pattern is right at Bethel, but JWs are oblivious, focused on GB ring kisses.

    I am not saying to not write a letter, but to do as you feel is right. What I am saying, that prophecy has already said numerous times, is JWs even now repeating the main pattern, are as in former manifestations of this pattern beyond human repair, and must now also face a divine accounting as they did at one time track UN activity and prophecy up to 1945, but no longer do so. By 1990 rather than expound the meaning of a 3rd UN placement after the cold war in 1990, Bethel instead placed their own UN "disgusting thing" in 1991-2001 as UN NGO (Matt24:15), and concealed the UN manifestation as per prophecy at Daniel 11:31b retaining defunct USSR fictions.

    Rather than expound the meaning of a 3rd UN and 4th (final) UN placements present at Dan11:30-45, and it's obvious implications, JWs now act as if it is already done, and none of this final UN development makes any difference whatsoever. Somewhere between 1945 and 1990 JW leadership derailed and went UN, and JWs now cover up the obvious 8th King as King North in plain activation since 1990, the year Bethel went into misinformation mode for their UN partners. Like Christendom endorsing the "League of Nations", JWs now endorse the United Nations as historic public UN NGO, same pattern, same actual action, it too is a repeat.

    And thus, for 22 years, prophecy is also now diverted and misapplied by the Bethel clergy. JWs are now hanging at Daniel 11:44, expecting that to manifest next. But Daniel 11:42-43 financial and world wealth globalization cycle under the 8th King is what is next, so JWs are overly advanced in the prophecy, and in the globalization process, and are expecting the end of the world "any day now". But rather, the Daniel 11:42-45 final 8th King cycle will take several years to accomplish to full internationalized government power over that final phase.

    And in that period of Daniel 11:42-43 global debt intrigues, the 8th King will also become "ruler of the silver and the gold" and "all the desirable things" of also the Bethel world empire of now false religion, first (1Pet4:17). And in that disaster to befall JWs, going on for several years itself (Dan8:13-14; Hos6:1-3), forces beyond human will have to judge and remove the Bethel obstructions of the 1-2-3-4 UN super-cycle continuum, that JWs have been covering up since 1990 (Dan8:12b), with enough time to clean out JWs (Rev8-9 repeat; Zech3:4-5), and let it be known what a 4th UN placement really means at Daniel 11:44-45. (Rev10-11 repeat; Please read Rev:10:11 ch. 10 v. 11).

    And that is why for now, human efforts cannot remove the Bethel cabal now in power and full ownership of all JW "desirable things". It is just a matter of time that the Bethel internal regime hands over Bethel to 8th King intrigues soon, as for at least 22 years all Bethel is positioned for such an event "at that time"; (WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par. 17, directive #3), and "that time" is very near, as Bethel itself reminds JWs clearly. Except it is not the "end of the world", it is the BEGINNING of the final cycle of prophecy and globalization, and it merely is repeating as JWs should easily recognize, but have been deluded by purposeful misleading leaders at Bethel. The world cannot "end any day now" as JWs are misled to expect next to aid the implosion of Bethel, Bethel is the entity that can and will "end any day now".

    So like the Warden's advice to Andy Dufrane, by all means write a letter, in fact write one every week. We are all doing Bethel time. Their will be a Bethel Redemption, and it will be global in impact. The GB Warden cannot be reformed but must be removed completely, it's basic premise of existence and Biblical precedent is not truthful in and of itself. Thus a lie, which the GB is in basic meaning not found in the Bible, is a bad experiment, nothing more, nothing less. A lie. (2Thess2:10-11). Things beyond human will befall the Bethel apostasy and center of organized lawlessness. (2Thess2:3-4, 8; 1Pet4:17). (And that long before the actual end, and as per repeating prophecy and pattern.)

    Just like before, again, etc...

  • Junebuggie


    Send the letter by one of your relatives who are in no way associated with the Watchtower..someone you know you could trust. Use their name and address; and mention that

    this family member is related to someone who serves as an Elder (you), and that they are needing some clarification on issues, and they have some suggestions.

    Maybe? Maybe not? I have a question tho, why do you not want to leave the organization? What is keeping you?

    Before I sent in my da letter; I sent a letter to my cousin explaining some of my research, doubts, questions, etc....telling her that it was not "all truth." She forwarded my

    letter to the local congregation...they could have replied to my letter and answered my inquiries---but no, they called me to see if I would meet with them. They could have even

    answered things in my letter in the first phone call to me; but they did not.

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