Why do we dress up for Meetings? - This weeks Cong Bible study

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  • KateWild

    Because the GB say so, and they are guided by HS.

    Anyother offers from the brochure? Kate xx

  • KateWild

    Clothes don't need to be expensive or fancy, just no jeans or beards. Kate xx

  • 144001

    deleted - sorry

  • blondie

    no pants on sisters

  • KateWild

    underpants Blondie? or trousers?

  • Rattigan350

    Because that is respectful.

    and Blondie, who would want to see pants on sisters. Show off the legs.

  • redvip2000

    When the Watchtower starting using colporteurs ( as they were called) to sell their books, they followed the model of the door to door salesman, and so they dressed as a salesman, and it stayed that way.

    What i don't understand is the rules that the Watchtower has developed around this over the years such as when you do the public talk, you must wear plain shirt with no pattern such as lines, etc etc.. WHY? it's completely silly... I remember at my hall we used to have a dress shirt in case the public speakers didn't have a "proper" dress shirt.

    Also why can't women wear suits with pants?? Again makes no sense. It's widely accepted as formal wear for women.

  • donuthole

    The practice of dressing up for church is not supported by the Bible. It is even condemned in James 2:1-5 when it is used to create divisions.

    The practice of dressing up for church started in the late 18th century and became widespread in the mid-19th century. Before this only the well-to-do could afford nice clothing. Common people only had work clothes for labor and less tattered clothes for going into town. The industrial revlolution gave rise to a middle-class and fine clothes became more affordable. The middle-class began to "dress up" for social events just like the rich did before. Some sects resisted the trend. Early Methodists turned away from church anyone in expensive clothes. The Baptists frowned on fine clothing, because it seperated the rich from the poor. In 1843 a Conregational Ministor named Horace Bushnell pulished an essay called "Tast and Fastion". He argued that sophistication and refinement were attributes of God and that Christians should emulate them. This attitude became dominant and eventually the Methodists gave in to new norm of "dressing up" for Church.

    The Bible Students and Jehovah's Witnesses original from the time-period where dressing up for Church was expected. The real question is why it is maintained as society shifted away from formal church dress. My suggestion is that Jehovah's Witnesses use their clothing to set them apart from other religious groups. It is part of their look and an effective trademark. I can remember being at the Kingdom Hall and other religions that dressed nicely but less formal were openly mocked.

  • BluesBrother

    They have the nerve to call this nonsense the "Congregation Bible Study" ! This brochure is just a comic that talks about themselves

    Bah Humbug

  • DS211

    I really enjoy the pamphlet on visiting bethel...shows how brothers and sisters what to wear and not wear...theeeeeen it shiws a few pics on tours given and you get to spot whos wearing whats acceptable and whats not...kinda like i-spy or wheres waldo.

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