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  • besty

    If you want to post a link to a specific post its quite easy (thanks jeffro for making this obvious for me)

    Every thread has a general URL which will take you to the top of Page 1 for that thread eg


    The key to linking to a specific post is to identify that post number and replace it over the top of the last bit of the thread URL after the #

    eg http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/beliefs/266550/2/Atheists-what-is-the-best-argument-FOR-God#4886611

    Note that you also have to change the page number to the page matching the post you are linking to.

    Identifying the post number is easy - mouseover the 'edit post' icon and look for the post number at the bottom of your browser window - it will reveal the URL including the post number - naturally you wont be able to edit someone elses post so dont bother clicking it unless you like getting error messages.

    Hope that helps!

  • AnnOMaly

    Hey thanks - I'll try that ... if I don't forget by the time I want to do it and can't find the thread that tells me how ... but anyway, thanks

  • KateWild

    Thanks Besty,

    That was a good lesson in technical posting links. Very easy to grasp. - Kate xx

  • KateWild


    This is me practicing. Here is a link to my post where I think cofty is being too extreme in his views Kate xx

  • cofty

    Thanks Besty, I have been wanting to find a way to do this.

    You can make it tidier by highlighting a few words, clicking the chain button and pasting your link into the top box.

    For example here is some shameless self-promotion...

  • besty

    haha - a new way of dissing people on JWN is born

    quote their own words back to them with the exact link, and change the hyperlink text to better reflect your agenda - genius....

  • KateWild

    Sorry you have lost me. How do you get it to have text in it? Again, but slow please Kate xx

  • cofty

    Hi Kate. I'm assuming you followed Besty's OP.

    The next step is to copy (Ctrl+C) the new hyperlink you have created.

    Now highlight a few words in your post.

    Click on the button in the toolbar above that has a picture of a chain. It's 15 along from the left in the middle row. It won't light up until you highlight text.

    Now paste (Ctrl+V) in the top field of the dialogue box that will pop up. It's got a label "Link URL" and the cursor will already be in it.

    Click the Insert button and you are done.

  • Oubliette

    Cool, nice trick. Thanks for sharing!

  • Simon

    Thanks for the explanation - I'll try and make that easier in future.

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