time to reboot jwn??? attn. tech49, formerlongtime elder, others.

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  • mind blown
    mind blown

    nowwhat? You're mistaken. MANY posters have moved on because JWN has helped them to start really living a life away from the forum. Others have been booted out. Others have out-grown JWN because MANY topics have been rehashed over and over again.....the site for some is not a challenge anymore or has become boring.......

    Punk Kids? I find that "some" seniors are set in their conservative ways or are used to a more victorian approach of social behavior.

    You may be surprized that there are few Kids on JWN. Punks (in your eyes) maybe. The majority are adults who have learned to speak up or defend themselves.

    Also, regarding the bible and bible principles? Many of us, including myself, know for a fact the bible has been altered. So how can you expect us to live according to a book that isn't free from fruad?

    I find your suggestion rather controlling myself.....


    but in a nutshell the main thing that bothers me is when someone gripes about the watchtower etc.

    too many athiests chime in

    Just Curious..

    How many atheists should be allowed to Chime in?!..

    .........................  photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Ask your imaginary friend(s) to give you the site you seek.

    Oh, and STFU!

  • DesirousOfChange

    i would like to see a forum that has current members and former jw's that still live by bible principles and respect the bible,

    Sounds like a great idea. Nothing stopping you from getting that website setup. Invite us all. Some will join in.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Excuse me, TEC is not at all typical of a straight thinking basic Christian. She believes in hearing voices that do not exist. Let me state this clearly. I am active in a Christian faith community. TEC is not at all typical. She does not believe in the main tenets of Christianity. I would state that TEC and others attack atheists. There is an arrognce that TEC knows so much about Jesus from her intimate psychopathological conversations.

    No atheist or agnostic has ever attacked me for stating my personal religious views. Not ever. I don't believe I have the corner on truth or right-thinking. The very premise of your thread stirs up needless controversy. If you state your views respectfully, people will respect you. When you claim that your beliefs are better or you are an exclusive channel, a la TEC, people will react. We left the Witnesses for freedom. Why should we submit to a forum member?

    For years I posted my personal views of Bible books, doctrines, etc. They are my personal views. Someone with a different background may feel different than I do. If you want respect, give respect.

    TEC always references some weird Christ who talks to her. What can one say to that besides I don't believe you. It is preposterous. Atheists have valid views. Born agains have valid views. No, it is the preaching and attempts at conversion that target you. We don't have to agree with you. You are not our jailer.

    I submit that anyone when confronted with the fullness of the gospel, the contradictions, good and bad, who can sum up Jesus of Nazareth by claiming that flesh burns. There is no hope. Wait a second, our baby teeth may exist someplace in the world. Oh, good, Jesus can save us now is doing hard drugs or belongs in a hospital. It is embarassment. Throughout the world, good Christians are persecuted and I doubt baby teeth is the way, the truth, and the light.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Am I a quality poster? I have trouble dealing with the arrogance and ignorance. If you can't construct arguments against the atheists, your faith is pitiful. Perhaps people posing as Christians here are too ignorant to argue effectively. Besides, this is not a scored debate. This is a discussion forum. Good discussions are two sided. There is already at least one whatchamacallit site.

    Why are you coming here, claiming persecution? Recruit among your own kind.

    I joined this site to be exposed to many views. This forum has educated me so much. Preaching to the choir always struck me as lame. Basically, you are wimping out and crying that you cannot meet the challenge posed by the atheists. Well, the Holy Spirit should empower you. If your God is no match, find another God or become an atheist.

    I repeat no atheist or agnostic has ever bothered me despite my assertions of Christian belief. This cry baby, oh the atheist, snivel, snivel is tiresome. Grow up. Work on content. No member here can decide who is right and wrong b/c these are discussions. This is not the KH where you may impose your views on others with no challenge. There have been thousands of Christian apologists through the many centuries. Cry baby, cry.

  • stillin

    I guess I'm a variation on that idea. Probably "agnostic" fits my place in the grand scheme of things. I respect well thought out positions on both sides of the Chrisianity thing. The JW discipline did a lot for me. I had no understanding at all of even basic Christianity. Now it just seems like it isn't knowable what is going on in the spirit realm. If that is my own fault, then I don't know how to fix it, but I don't want to be deceived any more, or invent something that only I can see.

    this seems like a great place to hear all kinds of things, not just hateful atheists, though one or two of those make enough noise to smother discussion if you let them.

  • tec

    That is the second time that you have gone on a personal attack and rant of me this week, Band... and for no reason at all. My name wasn't even brought up in this thread. Or perhaps you saw tech49... and thought, tec... and just a wee bit of that green-eyed monster reared its ugly head in you.

    What is even more interesting is that you tell the OP to get empowered by the Holy Spirit... while in the same breath mock the very idea that the Holy Spirit DOES speak and CAN empower someone to speak the TRUTH. Truth that they learn FROM the Spirit... so that there is nothing special about them (me)... and only something special about the Spirit (Christ)

    Someone who doesn't 'wimp out' as you state it... you will call crazy, arrogant, a liar, a jailer (for um... speaking, yeah okay then...); and someone who does 'wimp out' as you state it... needs to grow up and get empowerment from the Holy Spirit that you doesn't believe can actually GIVE empowerment... or find another God?

    I cannot even believe all the hypocrisy in your two posts above.

    "No member here can decide who is right and who is wrong b/c these are discussions."

    Except for you of course, lol.

    As for the atmosphere of the board.

    It can be hard here at times for believers; otherwise we would not have threads such as this one (and the couple others floating around). Because some make it hard. The discussions and such about God and Christ, even the bible, as well as science, I personally enjoy. The insults that eventually accompany them, not so much. But it is what it is, and it is going to come with the territory. One thing that believers can consider (besides taking strength in Christ and God)... is that any discussion or argument or false statement about God and Christ grants those who belong to them the opportunity to bear witness to the Truth and deny the falsehood... just by engaging in the conversation; no going out and imposing any belief on anyone, despite accusations to the contrary. It may not be evident from those commenting on the threads, but there are those who are here who do appreciate the witness given about the truth and love in Christ and God; those who came here with their faith and love for Christ and God intact and would love some support and fellowship with fellow men and women of faith as well.

    (I also love punkofnice, btw, and there are also people here who do want to offer support... regardless of faith or no faith. People like mr.flipper come to mind, just as one example)



  • nowwhat?

    ok the results are in!!! 40% sincere people postings 60% mean spirited atheists. i'm done posting on this site i can learn what i need to know from cedars jwsurvey

  • cofty

    Missing you already..

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