time to reboot jwn??? attn. tech49, formerlongtime elder, others.

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  • Flipping El
    Flipping El

    @nowwhat? - I see where you're coming from if you still consider yourself a Christian or hold some viewpoints that Jehovah's Witnesses teach. You might have the most interesting discussions on http://meletivivlon.com (if you haven't already stumbled across it)

    The conversation there is tied to what can be proven from the Bible but from a skeptical point of view. It helped me to reassess some doctrinal points from the Organization and clarify lines of reasoning on things that just didn't feel right to me in the past. So it might a good mix of topics & comments that current questioning JWs, Ex-JW, etc feel comfortable with while not dipping into Atheist territory.

  • braincleaned

    clarity, Miss Hitch too....

    " Dogmatism isn't welcome here because most of us already had too much of it."
    Nailed it Simon. Exactly.

  • LisaRose

    How do you propose the site be restricted to those who only follow bible principles? Ban the Athiests? Who would decide who got to post? Who would decide what was Christian enough? This site is actually owned by Simon, it is open to all who follow the posting guidelines, which I feel are reasonable. Many times what new posters see as mean spirited arguing is just healthy debate. As a Jehovah's Witness we were not allowed to do that, it was the Watchtower way or no way. Yes, there were no (known) fighting, because those who disagreed were disfellowshipped. That was peace at the cost of personal choice and freedom. We don't do that here.

    As many have pointed out, there are a lot of other sites that are focused on those who still want to follow the bible. You can also stay here and just avoid the Athiest/believer threads, you may have noticed that those threads are in a particular section, just avoid those.

    But I challenge you to look past the labels and read and consider what everyone has to say, who knows, you might learn something, I know I have learned a lot from reading here. And you are certainly free to post your beliefs. Yes some will challenge you, but if your faith is strong, it should stand up to that. Don't become insulted if some disagree, even emphatically, with your opinion. It's not personal, they just believe in their viewpoint, as you do yours.

    So, welcome to JWN, please, start a thread and tell us your story, or as much of it as you feel comfortable telling. I love to hear how people got into and out of the religion.

  • wasblind

    Hello nowwhat

    It may surprise many, but I still believe in Christ Jesus

    The WTS has not destroyed that

    Yes, I have many flaws and fall short on a lot of things

    but I trust, the one who sacrificed himself for me understands why I am, the way I am



    Who are you to Judged

    who the " Quality " people behind the post on this board are



    Keep in mind all judgement was place in his hands

    Please don't become one of those " Christians " who think that when Jesus died he left you as King



  • Suraj Khan
    Suraj Khan

    nw? - Just to clarify...you're not pissing me off nor would I consider you an enemy. It'd take a lot more than you could do on a bulletin board to do either of those things.

    Also, I don't believe in the lines you draw. I know plenty of atheists whom I would call Christian. I know plenty of self-professed Christians (JWs or otherwise) whose faith and works isn't worth a bucket of spit.

  • nowwhat?

    i appreciate and respect most everyones opinions here , and to be honest i do like "punkofnice" and his comments. lets end it here. please no more snarky comments from athiests, that's what got me on this subject to begin with. thank you all

  • Watkins

    You have a pm, nowwhat.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    there are no athiests, only atheists, and no that wasn't a typo you and your fellows consistently spell it wrong.

    and who on earth gave you the right to shut us up?

  • steve2

    There are other websites that cater to those who subscribe to Christian beliefs. There are precious few, however, that are courageous enough to allow those with differing and divergent views to have instructive exchanges. BTW, whenever anyone says they want discussions to be guided by Biblical principles, I do wonder which ones specifically, because they too sem quite divergent.

  • Finkelstein

    It has to be hard for people who've been mentally indoctrinated by the corrupt WTS. publishing house to open

    up to contravening information about that organization.

    Being that we are no living in a age of easily assessable information such as what appears on the inter-net,

    this most likely have made matters worse by devote JWS to personally try to assimilate and comprehend

    whats being presented.

    JWs are rigidly structured to what information they are to take in and investigate, being that now there is so much

    open information against the WTS. and its teachings, its no wonder these people get so emotionally upset by

    what they reading here and other sites similar to this one.

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