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  • steve2

    ecan6, with all due respect, the "public's interest" in cult lifestyles is not that widespread - unless there are more sensationalistic and even lurid elements. The understandable mistake we make when we are "caught up" in a lifestyle that "suddenly" seems bizarre and "brain washed" is that it will be of wide interest to others. It isn't.

    That is not to say publicity is futile - but it is not the devastating expose we would have wanted it to be. Look at the media interest when Ray Franz left Bethel. It was over in a hearbeat, the Watchtower went into its too-smooth damage control and within months you'd swear nothing had happened.

    Remember too that the attention span of the "public" is extremely fickle. The news media is crammed full of one expose after another - look at the beleaguered mayor of Toronto. And then viewers cannot wait for the ad break to fill their tummies.

  • NeverKnew

    He turns around and congratulates himself on teaching me the "correct" name of Jehovah.

    Now THAT'S funny!

    After they use the word "Jehovah," my friends pause realizing who they're talking to and say, "Yeah, yeah. I know. I know... so anyways, my point is..." They got trained on Raymondus Martini early on when they still thought I was pretty stupid... THANK GOODNESS!

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