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  • StephaneLaliberte

    I am presently fading out, and yesterday, the thought occurred to me as to make some sort of journalistic report from the inside. What I mean is that when you stop and really listen to the type of things the Jehovah’s witnesses say to one another, I am convince that the population at large would be appalled by what these friendly people actually think when they go door to door.

    And while fading out, that would be the perfect time to wear a wire, let’s say for a year or so, and then, make a documentary about it. Of course, for this to work, one would have to be very specific and say names. For example: Brother Smith said on July 13 th while in service that “Without Jehovah’s organization, we are condemned to eternal destruction”.

    There are so many things that are said casually that I am convinced that if anyone wore a wire, they would catch a great deal of unbelievable quotes that would put the JW in a serious predicament.

    Of course, this could be seen as being traitorous, but when you consider that once someone is out of the org, he is considered like “pigs going back to their own vomit”, then, I think of this as a pre-emptive strike.

    My personal dilemma is: I will definitely lose my family if I do this. Is there anyone out there with nothing to lose?

  • Suraj Khan
    Suraj Khan

    You may want to check (discreetly) with your local authorities, or better yet a lawyer, regarding your plans. Recording others without their permission, especially over the telephone or in a private meeting, carries some amount of legal risk which will vary with local laws. Publishing the same would expose you to even more legal action, and the Witnesses - for all their failings - have a fairly adroit legal department.

    See the following for helpful information:

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I would likely go with a news team somewhere and try to find out what I could be done. It wouldn't be the first documentary to use hidden camera. If its legal for them, why wouldn't it be legal for us against the JWs?

  • Suraj Khan
    Suraj Khan

    Unless there was a very ripe scandal to be had (e.g. the protection of pedophiles) I suspect no news team would invest the time to assist you. To them, you would be borrowing their equipment, expertise and time for your own vendetta. If they can't market that vendetta, you'd have no shot at them taking the case.

    Documentary producers generally know where the local lines are between legal behavior and illegal behavior. Crosses into actionable behavior happen, but they're well-calculated risks backed by the legal and financial resources of billion-dollar networks and syndicates. If you go on your own and cross the line, I guarantee you will be destroyed in the courts. You really need to weigh this before doing something rash.

  • jgnat

    Make sure you have an angle to capture public interest. Humor works even better than horror, and is worlds better than boredom. In my opinion the best at this are A.J. Jacobs and Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat).

    We could ask Sacha to masquerade as a potential convert. Hilarity ensues.

  • LisaRose

    Sadly, religious extremism and stupidity is so common it is not newsworthy.

    If you want to publicize the abuses of the Watchmaker, you can start a blog. Many have done so. You can be anonymous if you are concerned about family, but I feel it is not as effective that way.

  • Ding

    I don't think it's worth the risk.

    The vast majority of people don't care what JWs think of them.

  • NeverKnew

    This is a topic I'm on with a JW this week. Help me understand...

    Is the crudeness/arrogance towards others really so unnoticable when you're totally immersed in the culture?

  • jgnat

    By the way, reality shows work because of creative editing. Our regular lives are too boring for television. Believe me, transcribing hours of audio tape is not fun. I can't even sit through a tape of a JC meeting. It's unberaable in person; why should a disinterested observer be similarly tortured?

    As has been mentioned, your personal observations summarized on a blog might be more entertaining.

  • jgnat

    KK, hubby did it to me this morning. He was looking for reassurance for some recent failures, and I used my "Jehovah understands" speech. He turns around and congratulates himself on teaching me the "correct" name of Jehovah.

    He couldn't understand why I was so insulted.

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