10,000 year old spear point found in FL - man is only 6,000 years old?

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  • cofty

    Not fossils but perhaps the other hunting items made of bone that were found in the same cache.

  • bohm

    I cant tell how these were dated since (AS USUAL) the news articles does not provide references to where this was published.

    Elsewhere, it says knifes such as these and from the same area has been dated by C14 dating the charcoal in fires near the knifes. I cant tell if these were dated in the same manner, by stratiography or simply assumed to have this age because of their design.

    For those that do not know, charcoal is particulary suited for C14 dating since the tree has rarely been dead for a long time before it is burned and contain only carbon from the air.

  • Etude

    What you all don't understand is that when Adam was cast out of Eden, many of his descendents retired in Florida. Let's face it, land was easier to get and there where lots bogs and everglades to hunt in, especially after the Great Flood. That tradition of retirement remains to this day.

  • suavojr

    time to Face reality? I mankind has been around for some time now

  • prologos

    E-Study : you are right. FL was always at the cutting edge (like this spearhead) of human endevour.

    Jules vernes predicted that a manned spacecraft lauched from FLORIDA would land on the moon, and later it happened.

    now it is centered on the other "out of africa" route, central asia.

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