10,000 year old spear point found in FL - man is only 6,000 years old?

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  • Comatose


    As evidence piles up, will we reach a tipping point where people begin accepting the age of humans existence?

    He described as "phenomenal" the preservation of the finds, whose location as many as 5 feet deep in oxygen-free sediment had protected them from decay.

    They include a Suwannee projectile point -- a spear point -- whose estimated age of 10,000 years puts it "right at the cusp of the end of the Ice Age," Arbuthnot said. The person who lost it may have been hunting a mammoth.

    A fish hook made of bone dates back centuries B.C. and also could have been used to catch alligators, he said.

    A variety of bone pins -- used for piercings, fish hooks, awls and fastening clothing -- was also unearthed.

    In the dredging operation, which began last May and ended in September, the underwater archeologists vacuumed up the sediment on the floor of the basin, put their finds into a floating screen platform and then picked through the clutter, Arbuthnot said.

  • prologos

    Adam &Eve would not have known about this , because

    these spear points were no match for the twirling swords guarding the eden gates coming and going

  • Comatose

    But wait! Does that mean that god introduced weapons to humans!

  • prologos

    The gods were active.

    first Venus, the closest Planet(god) to us, the godess of love, than came

    Mars the God of war the second closest planet(god) to us, but twice as far away as venus (googel Bode law)

    Make love first before you make war.Love period.

    god is love not war. unless your name starts with "J"

  • neverendingjourney

    The method used to date this artifact is faulty because the Great Flood affected the decay rate of Carbon 14. How do we know this? Because it says so right there in the Insight volume. That's how.

    Also mammoths with vegation in their stomachs.

  • konceptual99

    THe bizarre thing is that even if you accept that an arrow head found in Florida can fit into a 6000 year time frame then you hae to think how it got there and when.

    I don't think there are many Witnesses who think that the entire world was occupied before the flood therefore this artifact would have got there since. How long would it have taken for the population to have grown enough, not to mention got the ability, to get from the middle east across to SE USA?

    It narrows the possible date range of the artifact down even further.

    I can't believe I accepted the concept of the flood for decades. What a moron.

  • ohnightdivine

    This can't be true....! This is the work of Satan!

  • Jeffro


    As evidence piles up, will we reach a tipping point where people begin accepting the age of humans existence?

    Don't most people already accept this?!!!

  • Phizzy

    They certainly do here in Europe. In the U.S, worryingly, 45% of the population are totally deluded and believe in Fundie nonsense.

    No wonder their political scene is such a mess, 45% of voters being deluded.

  • blondie

    Wouldn't Abel have had to use a knife, a weapon, to kill the sheep he sacrificed? Even Cain had to have tools to grow vegetables in the weedy area outside Eden (per the WTS/bible)?

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