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    Welcome to the forum.

    I suspect your FIL may argue with you because he's been given to think that reading the WT magazine and the Awake and all the other publications gives one the equivalency of a college education.(Yes, this was published in the Watchtower magazine quite some years ago) Since he dotes on every pronouncement of the WT Society and their publications, he feels that YOU are the mistaken one, and that the flood explains the sharks teeth in one location, and that they just haven't found them in another location yet. He probably left that conversation feeling that you were pathetically misinformed, and that the WT Society is so far above your puny college experience. He is content to wait for the day when the shark's teeth are found in other locations, and can smugly show you how wrong you are.

  • Oh Gawd
    Oh Gawd


    Ding! Ding! Ding!...we have a winner!

    You are absolutely 100% correct.

    Not long ago his theme for the end of the world was increased earthquakes and tornadoes. Feeling naughty that day I challanged him by pointing out that wasn't true. His head just exploded, and in the most arogant tone he could muster up, made some comment about, "and YOU call yourself an educated person? "where in THEEEE world do you get your CRAZZZIEE information?"...I replied: "Uh, the US Geologic Service and National Storm Prediction Center is where my data comes from, how bout you? Let me guess, Watchtower Society?"....Then I did my customary wink and giggle and changd the subject by asking someone else a question totally unrelated to JW's or religion...LOL!

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    The wink and a giggle is a perfectly natural way to short-circuit the cult programming.

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