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  • KariOtt

    Welcome welcone welcone. they are corrupt one wat or another. To me they are all trying to one up each other.to do this they watch you waiting to make a mistake so they can run to the BOE and turn you in. you cant trust youy spouse. childern cant trusttheir parents. congretion members can't anyone because the member who turns another get brewnie points from the elders.everyone lies to everyone elsce. you even lie to yourself.they teaching thats its ok to lie.that theyare to hate those that don't believe.sere outward they will shower you with love. its just an act with them. never believe it.the supreme court doesn't believe any testimoniy that comes from a witness. iths that bad. whats worse they are teaching this to the poor kids in thr kingdummy hall.then theres the was ther protect child molesters. the catholic hasv nothing on the witnesses.those are just a few things wronv.i could write all noghtbut its time for bed for me.i hope to see more from you soon.your in a good forum here.

  • Finkelstein

    Welcome Oh Gawd,

    Actually there are pretentious fraudsters in every religion.

    As far as money and cultivating money goes if its on the up and up there's no restriction placed on JWS.

    And yes there are crooked shysters in the JW religion too.

    But when you go into rationalized logic and scientifically acquired knowledge, the JWs are like you mentioned

    irrational grade school children in adult bodies.

  • ABibleStudent

    Oh Gawd - Then loud enough for him to hear, in the next room I ask my 15 year old, science whiz, daugther to please teach grandpa about the Cretaceous period so he stops making a fool of himself in public:)

    Hi Oh Gawd, You have already admitted in your own post to help your FIL to critically think for himself. Critically thinking for himself does not mean your FIL and his wife would leave the WTBTS. They would be free to choose for themselves. If you would like to learn quickly more about Steve Hassan's BITE control model and how dangerous cults like the WTBTS victimize members, just watch the following video: Strategic Interactive Approach explained 2003 (1:23:23). Knowledge is power so what do you have to lose other than 1:23:23 hours of your life.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Oh Gawd
    Oh Gawd

    ABible Student,

    Yes, you are correct. In my own, round about way of not giving a crap, I have exposed him to ctitical thinking.

    Actually my FIL is a really smart guy. So smart that it surprises me he could fall for this bunk. I suspect one of the reasons he consistently spars with me is due to his own self doubt. Either that our he's a masochist.

    I will look at your link even though I don't wish to change them. Hell, if they stopped being JW's I'd just have replace the entertainment they give me anyway.

  • 3rdgen

    OH Gawd, I love your user name! Welcome! Your wife's family is like many I have known including some in my own family. The happiest JWs are the ones who bend the rules to fit their own wants and needs yet still believe they are protected from God's rath by being in the "ark of God's organization". :)

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Welcome Oh Gawd. My story is quite similar, except that you may make more money and my in laws rely on a meager social security payment.

    I like your wife. I wish my wife and daughter were as alert as your wife. I guess is up to me to make them see the light. Tough road ahead.

    I agree with a previous poster, the money is the key factor that determines their double life, not the religion.

  • whathappened

    Welcome. It is rare to find JWs with succesful businesses that own an airplane but it does happen.

  • smiddy

    Welcome Gawd , the most hypocritical people on earth can be religous people , and jehovahs witnesses are no exception.


  • Etude

    Oh Gawd:

    I realize this is difficult since I have a wife already, but can I marry you? I can't get over the clarity of your thoughts in assessing not just your personal preferences but the JW religion and relating your tenacity in belief and your recognition of what's really going on in the family dynamic. You like the right things and yet have a good grasp of ideology (and where it is lacking). By way of explanation, what you describe (F-I-L not contributing money to the Borg, family still talking to you, etc) tells me that they have a clue (even if not fully conscious) on which side their bread is buttered. You can't argue with success. That happens when intelligent people who reach that state. They set different priorities. Still, we're all humans and try to keep the ties that will save us, just in case. It's like the Mafioso who puts people in cement shoes asking for the last rites at his death bed from a priest. That's why they stay. Enjoy it while it lasts. Who knows, you may present a good case to them of live a fulfilling life and not be involved with the JWs.

  • ABibleStudent

    Oh Gawd - Actually my FIL is a really smart guy. So smart that it surprises me he could fall for this bunk. I suspect one of the reasons he consistently spars with me is due to his own self doubt. Either that our he's a masochist.

    Hi Oh Gawd, Welcome to going down the rabbit hole and entering WTBTS Wonderland. Please do not confuse being smart with being immune to BITE control techniques. Anyone can be susptible to BITE control especially if they are born-in to a dangerous cult. i do not know why your wife was able to break-free, but feel very, very blessed that she did because you love her and your children.

    Best of wishes to you and your family.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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