Movie coming out for Easter 2014 release: "Heaven Is For Real"

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  • adamah

    With a release date of Easter 2014, coming soon to a theatre near you: Hollywood (Tristar Pictures) is capitalizing on the near-death-experience theme with a movie starring Greg Kinnear.

    Here's a HD trailer:

    Looks a bit like "Field of Dreams" meets NDE.


  • cofty

    Oh dear!

    Manipulative BS

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    C'mon guys. Enough of this skepticism. My mom, a Catholic, tells me that when she was in an accident about 40 years ago, she was lifted and saved by an angel (a train run over my Dad's truck, which stalled right on the top of the railroad tracks. He got out and away, my mom got out but no time to get away). She was thrown several meters away from the place of impact). She recovered from multiple fractures and broken bones several months later. More recently, about ten years ago, she was hit by multiple myeloma, a cancer from which very few survive. She is still alive and the cancer is gone. She assures me that she is here because God saved her. Contrast that with my sister in law's mom (a JW). She was diagnosed with breast cancer and 10 months later she was dead. The clear conclusion evidently is that there is a God and he is with Catholics. What more evidence do you need?

  • bohm

    Lol @ never a jw. You had me till the evidently :-).

    Clearly the movie is made by an atheist; a christian would not stack bs the height of the tower of babylon.

  • MadGiant

    Hollywood "based on a true story" movie, usually means that the entire point of the story has been totally fabricated.

    Here we have a few examples of based on a true story movies, but this time, a POV from "down below".

    The Haunting

    The Conjuring

    The Devil Inside

    The Haunting in Connecticut

    The Amityville Horror

    Take care,


  • cofty

    She recovered from multiple fractures and broken bones several months later.

    That guardian angel is shit at his job.

  • zeb

    Its a

    'Heaven' help anyone who sees it and says so at the KH.

  • never a jw
    never a jw



    The angel could have spared the multiple myeloma too, but no, he (or she) put my mom through 4 years of chimotherapy.

    By the way, when I suggested to my mom that the difference between her unusual recovery was due to some good genes, a strong will to live, state of the art medicine, great doctors and timely diagnosis, she concedes but always goes back to God made the difference. I guess God cared more about my mom than he did aboutnthe other devout religious people who didn't survive the multiple myeloma.

    I always wonder why the more devout Middle Ages people had such a low life expectancy if they were so much more religious than people today

  • snare&racket

    Can't Wait! Got my harp ready.....

  • poppers

    The video has been removed.

  • designs

    3 hanky movie for the gullible.

  • adamah

    Yeah, the uploader probably got DMCAed and yanked it. Here's Sony pictures trailer on YouTube:

    They say, "based on the incredible true story", but note the presence of the weasel word, 'based'. That means the screenwriters are allowed to take any wild ol' dramatic creative license to create a fictional story to feed believers what they want to hear, and no one can say 'boo'. You can just hear the believers now, twisting that disclaimer at-will, blissfully unaware of the semantics at play: "but they said it's a TRUE STORY!"

    Those who are willing to make $$$ off of gullible people's deep-seated drives to make a $ are nauseating enough (TriStar pictures), but then the viewers feel entitled to corner complete strangers in a FL Cracker Barrel.... Rinse and repeat..... You'd think people would eventually catch on that religion IS show-business, except it's more like a role-playing fantasy game where audience participation is required.


  • adamah

    So apparently our "friends" up to the North in Canada had their hands in this film: per IMDb, the park scenes were filmed in Warren, Manitoba, Canada, and the church scenes were filmed in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada. I'm not sure what Secretary of State John Kerry would have to say on the matter, but I suspect this just might constitute an act of war!


  • zound

    Lol at the tagline "Discover what is real".

    Sounds like a serious version of "Ghost Town" which also starred Greg Kinear - difference was it was a fictional comedy that also starred prominent atheist Ricky Gervais.

    This is being passed off as a true story? Personal anecdotes hit the big screen.

    What tripe.

  • adamah

    Turns out the father (Todd Burpo) is a Xian pastor, and has sold a crap-load of books based on the account of his son. Here's a stomach-churning interview from last year on Christian Broadcasting Network, featuring the family, after Todd wrote a sequel ("Heaven Changes Everything"):

    Jesus and angels sung to young 4 yr old Colton his fave hymns ("Jesus Loves Me"), and Colton explains how he saw Mary, Samson, Peter, John, etc in Heaven.

    Since 75% of Americans believe in heaven, so the movie is likely to do well....


  • Rattigan350

    "What more evidence do you need?"

    Evidence that it happens to everyone and not to just relatives of people.

    The problem I have with this is: People died in the hospital and are brought back. They report that they see themselves and/or family. How can they see? They are lying on a table. Oh, it's their spirit. How can spirits see? Do they have retinas that absorb the visible light spectrum, and then that light gets converted to electrical signals to get transferred to a processing center and then those pictures are compared to memories. Do spirits have memories? Where are they stored?

    Why is it always seeing or communicating with relatives? Why hasn't anyone seen Elvis or Abe Lincoln or others in history?

    How can this kid report that he saw his grandfather at a young age when he would not know what he looks like?

    How could Colton explains how he saw Mary, Samson, Peter, John, etc in Heaven, when he does not know what they look like?


    People want a security blanket. Hollywood wants to make movies that make $$$, DUH!! It's a phase. Noah, Heaven is fo' realz..they will pass. There is gap to fill since Paul Walker died...

    Just give it time. We may have suffer through a "Madea goes to Heaven" trilogy, but it won't last forever. We will be back to boobies, butts, Samurai swords and explosions before you can say "Black Widow."


  • Jon Preston
    Jon Preston

    What would intrigue me or at least seem more research-worthy is if an atheist had a near-death experience with zero religious indoctrination THEN said he went to heaven....i dream about cool stuff too! Doesnt make it real ....

  • Heaven

    Helloooo! Of course I'm real... sheesh.

  • rip van winkle

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