More WT Propaganda: 10 Year Old Children Should Get Baptized!

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    berrygerry:I did a lot of research on youth baptism, having a df'd child.

    If you search thoroughly, the older WT's acknowledge that NO ( not just no infants ) CHILDREN were baptized by first century Christians. The articles used expressions such as attaining age of reason and "when they grow up." The April 1, 2006 WT article actually sneaked it in, but no one seems to have picked up on it:

    "Regarding first-century Christians, historian Augustus Neander states in his book General History of the Christian Religion and Church: “Baptism was administered at first only to adults, as men were accustomed to conceive baptism and faith as strictly connected.”

    Great first post berrygerry and welcome to the Board!

    Following on the same research theme, is someone, such as Blondie, able to please post on here any more quotes/research on the validity of infant/child baptism that the Watchtower has published? How does the Society justify this scripturally? Have they even tried?

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    cha ching

    The brutal irony here in JW-land, is that the minor cannot change their mind and yet the WTBTS can capriciously change their policies, doctrines, teaching,--hell: they can change whatever they want with absolutely no repercussions.......

    But once again, in JW-land, the rules of commons-sense and fair-play are completely ignored in favor of the WTBTS. It's a promise for a promise: I keep mine, you must keep yours; you break yours, I do not have to keep mine......

    No matter what happens, you are bound forever by the terms of that agreement and the WTBTS never, ever has to do anything or keep any of their promises....

    This is what burns in my soul... and it is hard to articulate, but you did a great job Oubliette! (I will save this in a Word document.)

    I was thinking about how much money they spend "flying across the world, to 'bless' the masses with their presence in dedicating an Assembly Hall, a Branch Office, etc... and the little kid in Africa, who went without food, sold his crop and donated his 25 cents to the WT... Yay team...

    I hate what these evil, money sucking, cold hearted machines (disguised as "God's channel of communication") do to people.

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    its an AMERICAN cult. Lets face it for decades African Americans were second class citizens, but still fit to get their head blown off in a war. In some states you are old ebough to be conscripted for military service, but you are not allowed to have a farewell drink with your family until you are 21.

    The bozos running things now stopped watching TV when I love Lucy was cancelled. However, there is an article that says baptism is ENTERING INTO A CONTRACT with the borg. Since in America a minor cannot enter into a contract, or make a "gift" to a corporation, these baptised minors should be able to get their baptism annulled, and all their contributions returned.

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    I only noticed this thread now...sorry for the late addition.

    One disturbing, yet telling thing is the comment quoted in the opening post. Notice that the young kid says " she loves her parents, loves the bros and sis...THEN Jehovah"?

    This highlights that the real reason kids get baptised is to be "men-pleasers"!

    They are being guilted with peer pressure into doing it cos older ones imply it is the right thing to do.

    Oh, then oh's to "please god"!? Yer right!!!!

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