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  • Phizzy

    The WT will quote, part quote, mis-quote anybody they like to support their point. They used to quote the Spiritist Gruber for example.

    They also, if someone says something they do not like, will attack the scholar for having exactly the same credentials as scholars they do accept the views of.

    For example, if aTrinitarian says what they agree with, fine, they won't mention the major difference the scholar has with WT theology, if one says something not supporting WT Dogma then, "Christendom's Trinitarian scholar ....." or something similar.

    Hypocrisy is their middle name.

    Journalistic Integrity ? they have no idea what the concept means.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I any college student used the WT as a guide of how to reference quoted sources, he or she would undoubtedly fail. The WT Society just doesn't seem to understand that when you make a quotation, you must give the full citation with edition, page number etc.

    Vine's is a standard reference work in English that has been printed and reprinted many times, and can still be purchased new. Of course nearly all reference works on the Bible were written by people who are or were members of the clergy in their respective religions.

    The hypocrisy of the WT is that they will cherry-pick a quotation to support their point and refer to the source as a 'scholar', but then in another place will tear down that same person or the religion to which he belongs as Babylonish Christendom.

  • AnnOMaly

    E Who told you that he was a P B E

    M I researched it ...

    E I wouldn't believe everything you read out there

    Vine's religious affiliation is common knowledge for Pete's sake! What a doofus.

    The Org. likes Vine's Dictionary because of its dispensationalist views about Christ's Second Coming; like JWs, the PB believe in a 'two-stage' coming and this influences Vine's comments about the Parousia. His religious affiliation also explains his Dictionary's entry on 'Stauros' - the PB avoid using, displaying or wearing religious symbols like the Cross.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @AnnOMaly: Evolution, 607BCE, King David's non-existence, Egypt never having had Jewish slaves, the flood and creation story being a rip-off from much older stories, Song of Solomon's alegory - they are all very common knowledge that the JW's seem to ignore. If it doesn't appear in the WT Library, it may as well never have happened (to the JW's)

  • blondie

    Vine was born in the second quarter of 1873, in Blandford Forum, Dorset. [ 1 ] His father ran the Mount Radford School, which moved, in 1875, to Exeter; and, it was in this location that Vine was raised. He became a Christian at an early age and was baptised in the Plymouth Brethren assembly in Fore Street, Exeter. [2] At 17, Vine became a teacher at his father's school, before moving to Aberystwyth to study at the University College of Wales. He later completed his education at the University of London, receiving a BA and MA in Ancient Classics, in 1906. Vine married Phoebe Baxendale, in the 3rd quarter of 1899, in Lancashire – Phoebe's home county. In 1909, he accepted a job at the office of Echoes of Service, a missionary-support service and magazine, based in Bath. In 1911, the service moved permanently to Widcombe Crescent, Bath. The 1911 census shows William as the Vice Principal of Mount Radford School in St Leonards, Exeter. Vine dedicated himself to his work with missionaries around the world and was firm in his doctrine and practice:

    "In the mind of God the grand ultimate object of missionary activity is the planting of churches.. The Head of the church who gave His instructions to His Apostles.. .on record for us in the Scriptures, gave therein a body of truth and principles adapted to every age, generation and condition. The pattern is complete, and exhibits the divine wisdom in every part. Human tampering has only marred it in its working... It is incumbent upon all who profess the Christian faith to respect the plainly revealed intentions of the Head of the church, instead of burdening it with doctrines and regulations of human fabrication." [ 1 ]

    At this time, Vine was an Elder in the assembly at Manvers Hall, Bath, a position that he held for 40 years. He was diagnosed with heart disease, in 1927, but lived until 1949.

    And it was comments like this from elders and other jws that made me know I did not want them in charge now or in the so'called new system. There is not enough holy spirit in the universe to balance out such stupidity.

  • AnnOMaly

    Anony Mous - Vine's PB connection isn't threatening to the JW mindset, tho' - there's no need to ignore it. Besides, the WTS has always been "sucking at the tits of Babylon the Great."*


    * Quote attributed to GB member Karl Klein. CoC (4th ed.), p. 23.

  • minimus

    Really, the Society should not quote any other source but themselves since they have the fads and no one else has their understanding.

  • Oubliette

    DD: Wouldn't a failure to quote sources be considered dishonest, or "yellow" journalism?

    The WT publications all fail even an elementary level of academic/professional practice in reference to how they handle (or don't) the citing of their sources and it is most certainly plagiarism, which is of course a form of intellectual dishonesty. As for "yellow journalism," the answer to that is a resounding, "Yes!"

  • adamah

    Phizzy said-

    The WT will quote, part quote, mis-quote anybody they like to support their point. They used to quote the Spiritist Gruber for example.

    They also, if someone says something they do not like, will attack the scholar for having exactly the same credentials as scholars they do accept the views of.

    It's far worse than that, as the WT will even brazenly 'cherry-pick' quotes from scientists who are evolutionists, and will even admit in the footnotes of the literature that the expert cited doesn't believe in creationism, but remains an evolutionist.

    So the WT is basically admitting to cherry-picking quotes, but is counting on the average JW not to bother to read the footnotes and/or to be unable to understand the implications of the disclaimer, knowing that they're too cognitively-impaired to detect any ethical problem with the practice.

    As Forrest Gump say (sic), "stoopid (sic) is as stoopid (sic) does".


  • jonahstourguide

    Thanks for your comments folks.

    Thats why I'm here

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