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  • jonahstourguide

    Conversation with elder.

    M Why do FDS feel the need to quote a Plymouth Brethren Elder, and add to his quote to support a teaching point?

    E What are you talking about

    M Vine,,, you know Vines Dictionary quote paragraph 10 for this weeks consideration,,, I'll show you

    (grab the wt and point to said quote)

    E Who told you that he was a P B E

    M I researched it and wonder why this is needed given that he would be part of what is referred to as christendom.

    I'm pretty sure the Plymouth Brethren wouldn't be quoting wt articles to their church regardless of any scholarly qualifications

    E I wouldn't believe everything you read out there,,,,,,,, check the wt library to see if thats right,,,,,,as he walks away !

    Now I'm no scholar but I'm not a dill. So, could someone on here provide a valid reason for this??

    I have noticed that some on here are referred to as apologists, and, as I on other occasions couldn't get an answer for this question

    from any elders, perhaps one of you may enlighten me or refer me to another post. Thank you

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    You pricked his cult phobias, that was a thought-stopping technique he used. If you were to push the issue his cult self would either run away or lash out at you.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    WT often quotes Newton and talks about him like he was a JW. In actuality, Isaac Newton predicted that armageddon couldn't come before 2060. Suck on that WT.


    That Eldub was running.from his dissonance. I have not read that article, but let me guess..there was no source given? You just noticed it and looked it up, right? That Eldub does not want to think, why should he? He is a "duke", a star of.Revelation! LOL!!! The WTBTS has no shame when it comes to supporting its brand. The GB count on the dumming of the sheep. Most dubs just parrot the material. They want to get the WT study over with and go to lunch...



    Whats the quote?

  • Bobcat

    Here is the question and paragraph.

    [Start quote]

    10. How is transformation different from improvement?

    Actually, being transformed involves more than making progress or improving. A product may be labeled or advertised as “improved,” but essentially it is still the same product. There might be just one new ingredient, and the packaging might be more attractive. As to the expression be transformed,” a note in Vine’s Expository Dictionary explains: “In Rom[ans] 12:2 being outwardly conformed to the things of this age [or system of things] is contrasted with being transformed (or transfigured) inwardly by the renewal of the thoughts through the Holy Spirit’s power.” Hence, the transformation that a Christian must make is not simply the putting away of harmful habits, unwholesome speech, and immoral conduct. Some people who have no knowledge of the Bible endeavor to keep their life more or less free of such things. What, then, is involved in the transformation that Christians must undergo?

    [End quote]

    The point the paragraph makes is valid, if unremarkable.

    The "note" can be found in Vine's Dictionary under "Fashion," under the "C. Verbs" section.

    The OP raises an interesting point. Other churches would not quote the WT to prove a point. (It would be interesting to see the reaction if they tried.) The WT, on the other hand, roundly condemns other religions, and especially the clergy (of which Vine would be included), yet turns around and quotes them as authorities.

    Yet a final twist is to leave out the source of the quote (or in this case the exact location within the source) to dissuade the reader from researching it. 'Oh what tangled webs we weave!'

    It is also noteworthy that when the quote is on an agreeable point, the quoted person is a "scholar." Otherwise, he/she is one of "Christendom's" despicable "Clergy."

    As a side 'note,' I've noticed that when the WT quotes unreferenced material, every once in a while I will answer the question at the WT Study and include in my comment the location of the quote. I get the feeling that the elders (or at least some of them) resent that. As if, 'The Society didn't want us to know that detail, so why are you including it? (And to be honest, I guess I do it to say, "You didn't hide anything from me, monk." The more I think about it, maybe they should be resentful. :)

    Oh, and pardon my 'french.' Not "The Society," but "The Faithful Slave."


    Wouldn't a failure to quote sources be considered dishonest, or "yellow" journalism? Wouldn't that be using a " false stylus?" Anyone? Apologists?!? Why quote Christendom's non-FDS charlatans as authorities? Or were they perhaps part of the " John the Baptizer class" like CTR? LOL!!!


  • Comatose

    Hey bobcat here's a quick question for you. The quote in question, in vines expository does it reference someone by name? Or is the OP simply referring to the fact that it is written by someone in Christendom?

  • jonahstourguide

    Vine doesn't reference anyone else as far as i could see in his note. The issue is why quote "christendom"

    btw a mate just rang asking about the reference in para 18 of the same article to wt feb 1 1994 page 9 para7

    about a short jesuit who memorised the bible quoted from a book by Manfred Barthel, my friend claims he co produced chariots of the gods

    so why would the wt quote him. some of you learned guys might know more. i'm gonna have a look when i get home

  • Xanthippe

    They've been quoting Vine for years. We had a copy somewhere, my husband bought it. We left in the eighties. You are right he was a member of the Plymouth Brethren - here's Wiki

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